Leaving colleges off application

Hi all,
I’m currently at a Community College in Cali. I’ve been filling out the UC application over the past few days, and have some questions about the academic history section. Before this current fall semester, I enrolled at a bunch of other CC’s. I did this because the class waitlists at the college I attend were out of control, and I was late to register. Long story short, I ended up not registering for any classes at the other CC’s, and I now have student ID’s at a bunch of CC’s that I have not and will not be taking any classes at. Do I still need to list these community colleges on my UC application even though I have not taken any classes and have not accepted any financial aid from them?

I did this same exact thing and am kinda worried about it too. The answer I have gotten from everybody is that colleges only need to be listed if you have courses on the transcripts.

If you have not taken any classes — in other words there are no classes on a transcript — you do not need to list them.