Leaving MC blank?

<p>I left about 20-25 MC blank on my test because I did not necessarily know them right off the bat. Was it good that I did that, I knew some I could eliminate but only by one, but I did not want to get points deducted off.</p>

<p>If you eliminate at least one, it's in your favor to guess. What exam are you talking about? Leaving 20-25 blank on Statistics would be suicide, while leaving that many blank on something like US History would not be as bad.</p>

<p>Which AP exam was it? That sounds like way too many to leave blank.</p>

<p>AP european history</p>

<p>In that case that isn't as bad because it is out of 80 questions. That is still kind of a lot though. If you answered correctly on a lot of the ones you did answer and did at least that well on the FRQs, you should be able to pass.</p>

<p>I did something similar on AP US History. I left about 10-15 blank, intending to go back, and then just completely ran out of time.
I used a score calculator and as long as I did decently on the essays, and the rest of the multiple choice, I'm still within 5 range.</p>

<p>I'm assuming AP European should be about the same. As long as your essays were 5-6ish and you didn't get too many other MC wrong, you should definitely still be in 5 range as well. :)</p>