Leaving your laptop in your dorm...

<p>i'm not sure if this is a silly question or not, but its something thats been on my mind..do most students at UCSB take their laptops to their classes? or do they just leave them in their dorms and take notebooks/pens/pencils to class?</p>

<p>ALWAYS lock the door before leaving your room. your laptop WILL get stolen if you leave the door unlocked for any amount of time, so don't put yourself in that position. if you're going to have roommates, then make them swear on their facebook account that they will never leave it unlocked.</p>

<p>have a nice fall quarter :)</p>

<p>oh and to answer your question, the majority of students prefer to use paper and pencil, a small number of them use laptops (although i've only seen them in computer classes), and as for the rest they prefer the old "wake me up when class is over" routine.</p>

<p>lol thanks, but do you suggest taking my laptop to class? will i need it in class? or would it just be best to leave it in my dorm?</p>

<p>i bring my laptop to classes that require a lot of note taking (mostly big lectures). i definitely recommend taking a laptop to class if you're a quick typer because then your notes will be so much neater and easier to study from - but thats just my opinion on the matter.</p>

<p>for the first few days of classes you might just want to bring a pen and notebook to take notes. after that you'll know which classes you might want to bring your laptop to (which would be classes where the professors speak waaaaay too fast or which require lots of note taking).</p>

<p>ok thank you sb_student1, you come to the rescue once again lol</p>

<p>My son is a junior, and my daughter a freshman, so we asked him about this. He said that no one he knows takes their laptops to class (he's in Bus. Econ.) He recommends leaving your laptop locked to your desk with a cable.</p>

<p>^^what kind of cable? are there specific ones that are meant for locking things like laptops to desks?</p>

<p>those laptop cable locks are specalized for lockin laptops to desks -- Targus</a> Defcon CL Combination Cable Lock - 30017</p>

<p>that seems really easy to break.</p>

<p>They are meant to deter theft. Just make sure you make your roommate swear he will never leave the door unlocked.</p>

<p>I don't think the cable is necessary as long as you lock your door. I was in San Miguel, and we could all leave doors open if we ran out to the bathroom and nothing would get stolen. It depends, I guess, on the people you're near.</p>

<p>I rarely see people take laptops to class - not even in large lectures. I use a notebook and pencil for note-taking, but a lot of people don't even do that. The people who do use laptops seem to be using macbooks, since I guess they're a bit lighter. It really will be a nuisance if you're carrying one around, though, so just pass.</p>

<p>i heard the ucsb bookstore only sells Macs...gay</p>

<p>def gay ... i am so over apple elitist :)</p>