LECOM 7/8 Year Affiliated School Program

Hey! I recently got accepted into the LECOM 7/8 Year Affiliated School Program. I most likely will be going to Thomas Jefferson University for the first 3 years and then LECOM for the next fours years. I was wondering if anyone else got accepted into the program ? Does anyone currently attend the program, if so how is the program - would you recommend it?

Congratulation. I will have the interview at different Affiliated School on Feb. A post from BS MD 2020 thread mentioned LECOM program as one to avoid. I am so confused since it seems very good to me (low UG GPA and no MCAT).

I hope you don’t mind me asking but how what the interview? What kind of questions were asked? How many people were there? What structure did it follow?

Yeah. I recently got an interview offer as well. Do you have any last minute advice?
Thanks a bunch!

Hi ,do you need to submit official high school transcripts
And official sat score from collegeboard to lee com

Any tips on the interview,no of interviews, question patterns etc

Does Lecom solicit or recruits candidates for its DO program. ?

LECOM EAP requires you to apply, pick affiliated schools, and go through an interview. It will base on UG GPA and SAT to determine whether one need to take MCAT or not. Do you have more information about this program?

Hi my daughter has a 34 ACT and 3.97 UW. What are her chances? What is the easiest undergrad?

@MVparent Those statistics should be good, but if she doesn’t have any medical experience or leadership experience, her chances are not that good.

@medgirl2020 Could you share your stats please for LECOM?

hiii im also planning on doing the 3+4 track at Elmhurst in IL. have you gotten any updates on app status? i did my interview on 2/26 but have not gotten any news since.