LECOM Early Acceptance Program

Hello! I learned about Early Acceptance Program at LECOM and got interested. Is anybody applying/applied/got accepted/studies/studied at this program? How competitive is it to get in? What are the average stats of accepted students? What are they looking for besides grades? If you have any information in addition to what LECOM has on their web-site, I would greatly appreciate if you share your experience! Thanks.

Here is some information


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did see that info. I was looking to see if somebody has an additional information from possibly personal or somebody else’s experience.

Anybody had an experience with Early Acceptence Program at LECOM?

You email me, we just went through early admission of LECOM, I can share with you.

@VELAN , thank you very much. I sent you an e-mail. Did you receive it?

When the student applies to EAP at LECOM as a high school senior, does he/she applies directly to LECOM and, if accepted, then chooses the college from the list? Or do you have to apply through undergraduate institution?
It is not 100% clear to me when I read the information on LECOM’s web-site…

Hi guys! I just wanted to check in and ask if anyone has applied to LECOM’s BS/DO program and if they have heard back with their interview results. Thank you!

Have not applied yet (not this year). Did you just have an interview? How was it? Are you hs senior?

Yes i gave an interviewed on Jan 17th

@Rp0803 great! You will have the answer soon! Good luck!
When did you get access to LECOM application? You apply with Common App plus whatever LECOM requires, right? Common App becomes available in August. How about LECOM application?

Applied to Albany university with Lecom application

Applied in late October

@Rp0803 , did you hear back from LECOM?

Not yet just waiting and waiting :grinning:

Soon! Everything should be fine! Post here when you get your exciting news!

My D got the initial interview invite with LECOM EAP on Jan 11th and she registered for the Information session and then she never received the follow up email to schedule the interview. Did anyone encountered this. My D reached out to the LECOM personal who sent the email twice and no response. Anyone has the same experience and please advice on what can be done.

I wonder why? Because i did emailed last week to check my status and got response back in half an hour even though it was Saturday, saying that they r running little behind in process

Thank you for the update.

@Rp0803 , still keeping my fingers crossed for you!
@BGKYMom , isn’t information session for those whom they intend to interview? Did your D talk to anyone there or just listened to the presentation?