LECOM Early Acceptance Program

@livelifeokay Did you email John by any chance, or somebody else? If so, can you check who you emailed because I have sent out multiple emails checking about the status of my interview and I haven’t gotten any response back.

@livelifeokay also do you remember when you did your interview? I’m just curious to see how long it has been for others who haven’t received a decision.

His name is Jamie Murphy! And I interviewed March 8th haha


this is his email. lmk if he responds!

@livelifeokay did you submit a cover letter with your resume or did you just submit your resume? Also, does lecom generally accept people who make it to the interview state? Thank you.

I just submitted my resume haha… I thought cover letters were like for jobs

I heard they do just accept those in the interview state but I didn’t hear back yet

I got in today!

CONGRATS! May I ask how stressful the interview was and if there were a lot of tough questions?


Thanks everyone!

During the informational meet, the man will give you answers to a lot of the interview questions haha, like why osteopathic medicine, why medicine in general, why lecom, what is community service, etc. Then there’s the tell me about yourself like always.

There is usually one “what would you do” question and my one was what would you do if you felt like an attending physician was making a mistake.

Overall not bad!

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Hii can anyone tell me the benefits of this program? I’m going into the eap and I really like osteopathic medicine! I’ve heard a couple of things though about the med school and like how it’s strict and all

Hello , can we touch base via phone, we also were planning carthage for 3+4 but we just found out only elmhurst has this shortened program? Did you hear about how elmhurst is to prepare you?