LECOM early acceptance program

My daughter was accepted to LECOM early acceptance program. She was not accepted to Muhlenberg/Penn or Villanova/Penn. She is very interested in the LECOM route . She is also interested in a different undergraduate school that does not have an agreement with LECOM. Has anyone had experience with LECOM dental? Has anyone gone through the early acceptance program & then matriculated to LECOM dental? Is she better off going with the LECOM eap or going the traditional route of going to a different school & applying traditionally in her junior/senior year of undergrad?

Hi, I don’t know much about the LECOM program, but I’ll just leave some general advice that can be helpful when deciding between the accelerated program and the traditional 4+4 route.

Accelerated program pros: save a year’s worth of time and money(tuition/living expenses), practice a year earlier, less unnecessary(depends on perspective) elective classes, higher matriculation rate(most cases).

Traditional pros: not bound to dental school(can pursue other careers more easily), more time in undergrad(broader experience, kinda conflicts with the unnecessary elective argument), could apply to multiple dental schools(and could potentially get scholarship from dental school).

This is a really simplified list and the decision should be personal. If you are set on becoming a dentist, I recommend the program, since name values of dental schools are not as nearly as important as the DDS itself.

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I am also looking for early acceptance program for my son who is going to 9th grade this month. Could you please guide me how tough to get admissions to this program?


As far as applying to the early acceptance programs I do not think it was that hard. Just follow what is required on the website. Early senior year start by do the initial request, send in grades, & last step was the virtual interview.