LEDA Scholars Application 2020-2021

Yeah you’re right, somebody from c16 said last year there were about 200 interviews so roughly 50% make it through

Did y’all choose the google hangout/meet or phone call for the interview? I went with google meet bc I feel like they’d prefer to see our faces but Idk. I’m scheduled for next Wednesday and I’m not feeling it

google meets too dude. i signed up for one on monday. i can tell y’all what happens if ya want.

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Yes plz that would be greatly appreciated :sob: good luck on Monday!!

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Does anyone know by when we’re admitted to the program if we pass the third round?? I might need to unregister from summer classes ://///, also r we not allowed to do summer classes mine end like 2 weeks into LEDA, or is it just summer programs?? or same thing?

Have you had your interview yet?

Also, this is what the email says: “To ensure that you can fully participate in the Summer Institute, LEDA Scholars can not participate in any simultaneous classes or programs from June 19 – August 6, 2021. If you must take a summer class in order to graduate from high school on time, you must notify us before your enrollment in the LEDA Scholars program”

Nope not yet. This upcoming Monday :grin:

Good luck on the interview tomorrow !!

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i had my interview with Ashlea and she was super sweet. the interview is more like a conversation if anything. make sure to have the whole tell me about yourself spiel prepped. the questions i remember are like an argument you’ve had and how you dealt with it, why do you think that you’ll commit to leda and its community, are you okay with being part of a community with different identities like queer people, poc, and etc and why, an experience that helped you grow. there are more of course, but just be conversational and be honest. i’d advise you to come up with questions and ask them because that shows that you’re interested.

good luck!!!


Glad to hear that it went well, thank you so much!!! I’ve heard from a few people that the interviewers are pretty chill so that helps a lot

I just finished the interview. It was chill but I am scared bc I’m pretty sure that they are nice to everyone so Idk what they’re going to think :sob: how are interviews going for everyone else?

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Of what year did they ask for the tax returns? Like 2019 or 2020?

I’m pretty sure they asked for 2020 but they said that 2019 is also acceptable if your parent(s)/guardian(s) haven’t filled out the 2020 tax returns. I submitted my 2019 tax returns

Same thing here, it was chill and my interviewer was really nice but honestly idek if those are good signs or just the norm lmao :sob::sob:

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last year they got their results between april 20 and april 22 so its coming soon y’all! i’m so scared but i wish everyone the best luck!!


LMAO I feel the same way​:sob::sob:


Wishing you all luck as well!!

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right back at you!!


Y’all I am so nervous today and idk why. I have a bad feeling but it’s probably the nerves. How is everyone holding up?