Lee University?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience/insight about Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. Specifically, how intense the religious/evangelical aspect of it is. I’m a Christian (non-denominational Protestant), and I’m considering a few other Christian schools alongside secular schools and I was wondering how Lee compares. I have a 33 ACT, so I think I’m qualified for Lee’s full-tuition Centennial Scholarship, which sounds like a pretty good deal financially.

The main Christian schools I like are Pepperdine University and Belmont University. I know Lee isn’t really considered as high quality academically as those, but financial merit aid from other schools will be harder to come by.

I’m also familiar with Biola University, but it is too intensely religious for me. It requires a pastoral recommendation, church information/address, and an in-depth statement of faith that students are required to sign. I know Lee has a Community Covenant and student handbook that requires a signature on the application, but from what I saw, it seemed broader and more lifestyle-based than Biola’s Doctrinal Statement.

Other Christian schools I’m familiar with but not necessarily interested in for varying reasons are Azusa Pacific University, Grove City College, Wheaton College, Grace College, Malone University, and some others.

So I guess what I’m wondering is, compared to the schools I mentioned, how would you describe the religious intensity of Lee University in terms of academics, social life, etc? Does it require a pastoral/spiritual recommendation? Also how politically conservative is it? With Belmont being on the looser end of the spectrum and Biola being on the more intense end.

Know some people who went to Lee. Job prospects upon graduation iffy! Wheaton, Grove City and Pepperdine (not in order) are most well respected of all those schools. Pepperdine is beautiful but a very different vibe for a traditional college campus (you definitely need to visit before enrolling). Grove City has mandatory church attendance but a fine school. Billy Graham graduated Wheaton- pretty good endorsement of a school right there. Belmont has a nice campus in good part of Nashville- seems like a fun place to spend 4 years.

@PBMAX1 Okay, thanks for the thoughts, but it’s not really what I’m looking for here. I’ve visited both Pepperdine and Belmont (loved them both) but their merit aid isn’t guaranteed. Lee has an automatic full tuition scholarship that I’m eligible for, so I want to know more about the campus environment before pursuing it any further. If you don’t know, that’s okay.

I don’t know about Lee’s campus, in particular, but if it’s $ that is the only concern, I guess it doesn’t matter. Personally, from what I know, I would not attend Lee. I think there are good kids going there, but their track record for getting graduates jobs is not the best. I have no animus whatsoever against Lee, just objectively viewing this from an employment standpoint.

Have you tried talking to schools you really desire to attend? Get the financial aid offices on the phone and let them know of your financial aid situation- be polite but persistent- tell them about your scholarship from Lee and that maybe your parents don’t have the $ to come up with and/or they/you don’t want heavy loans- and you might be surprised with increased aid. I will say they are more likely to increase an offer if you are receiving more aid from another school due to ‘need-based aid’ rather than ‘merit aid’. (By the way, I do not think it is an intensely Christian environment at Lee).

@PBMAX1 I’m still a junior so I don’t think I’m quite at that point yet, but I’ll keep that in mind thanks