Left out a transcript on my undergrad how will this affect my future prospects

Hello all, so I have a problem. I’m currently one semester away from finishing my bachelors degree. I have no doubt that I will complete it, that’s not what I’m worried about. My concern is that many years ago, going back over a decade I attended some university and flunked out. I got sick with chrons and I just completely failed every class.

Since this was over a decade ago I forgot to mention it on my undergrad transcript and now here I am about to complete my undergrad degree and worried that if they find out after I finish it that I omitted a transcript they may revoke my degree after I complete it.

Also I want to try to apply to graduate school and I’m now I’m scared that if I fess up and don’t omit anything on my graduate school application that my undergrad could somehow catch wind of this and revoke my degree.

Have you guys ever heard of a undergrad degree being rescinded after a student completed a degree for a transcript omission? I just need advice

U came inwuth zero credit. No issue.

Look ahead. Not back. Forget your prior experience altogether.

No I transferred into the 4 year school that I’m currently about to get my bachelors from. I gave them the transcript from the community college I got my associates from but left out that I also attended a 4 year school for a single semester that I flunked out of. Ten years later is when I transferred into my current school. Can my undergrad degree be received ?

So u went to a CC. got credit. Gace thise transcripts

U went to another school first. Got zero credit

Told no one

My answer stands


Yup. Like the other guy said, Transcripts are NOT supposed to be like a credit check. They are supposed to be evidence of work. The water gets muddied in undergraduate admissions because there are so many people trying to game the system. Their kid gets in trouble for a disciplinary issue, maybe even gets expelled, and they just pick up and move to another district or send them to private school. That is why at the undergraduate level they DEMAND every transcript from prior schools you attended. But usually it’s HIGH SCHOOLS. When you applied to this undergrad program, it wasn’t like you applied under false pretenses. You showed them the work you had done in community college and got admitted on that merit. Under-grad admissions is a scammy game, but they know the goal of the game is to boost numbers. From their perspective, having a graduate who is unable to get into a grad program who had their degree revoked might be better than having a graduate who isn’t able to get into grad school with a degree from their school. There “stats” take a hit for the latter. For the former, they can say it’s not the quality of their school that failed you. But they have absolutely no reason to cause a grad who gets into grad school to be turned away by making trouble for you. By the way, what is this current undergrad school that has you so stressed out about following every tittle-and-jot (as my old professor used to say about bureaucracies)?

I do not want to say the school but it is a SUNY school in New York. I don’t pretend to be going to Harvard lol I’m just a dude who doesn’t want to get my degree revoked over some bull. So you think they won’t care since I transferred in with an associate degree from a community college?

I wouldn’t worry about it unless you left behind a big unpaid bill which might haunt you

You went to a CC. Got credit. Moved to a 4 year school. Graduated. Who won’t care that you went to a CC? Grad school ? Your record reported is your record.

You never told anyone about anything the third.

Get your degree. Apply to grad school. Move on.

Show your two schools. Forget the third. There is no risk here.


Ok will do and thanks for the advice. I guess I’m just worrying unnecessarily.

Yeah. Gus would anyone know about the third school? And why would anyone care ?

You earned all the credits you are showing.

Move forward