Leftover Swipes

<p>I have a lot leftover. Are there any clubs that use these swipes for food and then donate them to the homeless?
Also, how many of those beverages of left? (for trade in)</p>

<p>I have 3 left. </p>

<p>Swipe me in? :<</p>

<p>how the hell do you only have 3 left? unless you stayed here every weekend...i guess that would be a different story..but since you live in monterey park...how the hell do you only have 3 left?</p>

<p>she's been swiping for two..</p>

<p>Haha I have around 39ish. If anyone needs me to swipe them in, just let me know</p>

<p>eww 39... i have 6 left for tonight/tomorrow and thats a lot for me lol.</p>

<p>Ok but homeless people don't deserve food - not hte ones in westwood anyways. I saw that really fat one's balls the other day.</p>

<p>Looking at some of those homeless people, I'd have to say that it's better to consider the unused swipes as a "donation" to UCLA than to apply it to the homeless.</p>

<p>Interview a few of them - get to know them. You'll find that most of them are just lazy people who can't and won't bother to find work, even if offered right in front of them. They do not need help, other than personality modification.</p>

<p>once in a while i'll see a genuinely pained homeless person in westwood. like i saw an old asian man (RARE) who was happy to even get 25 cents, really heartfelt. but most are old crazies, unfortunately. if we were to help homeless i'd see the teenage runaways in hollywood</p>

<p>yeah, food for favors...</p>

<p>very rarely do i see one who is sad. where is the olda sian man anyways? i only saw him once ever</p>



<p>I might be interested in giving you swipes for favors. ;)</p>

<p>I JUST got 5 sandwiches and 3 salads right now + swiped 4 friends from long beach in, lol they all came here to play BRAWL, hahahaha.</p>