Legacy at Penn from Phillips Academy Andover

<p>Legacy, High grades at the best high school in the nation, 1400 SAT, Very good at the Cello First chair in the orchestra which is top high school orchestra in nation
Is it safe to say I am in ED?</p>

<p>are we talking about Penn College?</p>


<p>Are you looking for reinforcement of an ED decision to Penn or are you thinking of applying somewhere else ED?</p>

<p>I know people who've taken the hardest classes at Andover and excelled in them and it's hardly the best high school in the nation...</p>

<p>legacy.. why in the world did you post? I'm thinking it was just to get others to feed your ego.. i won't do it</p>

<p>I was just experimenting I wanted to see what people would say-- it was just a hypothetical situation... Andover is ranked #1 by the way. Best high school in the country. I think someone with those stats would get in.</p>

<p>best grades in the best high school in the best nation, yet they can only pull off a 1400 on the SAT??? ha!</p>

<p>i come from a worse school than Andover, and my friends who are applying to wharton have 1520+</p>

<p>another thing you have to remember is wharton's average SAT includes a lot of recruited athletes since penn uses wharton to attract athletes.</p>

<p>also expectations are raised slightly if your family is rich enough to afford andover. all 1400's are not created equal. a 1400 from an inner city high school is much better than a 1400 from andover.</p>

<p>since you're a legacy i think a 1400 would suffice if there weren't any other holes in your application. and remember you have to apply ED to get any benefit.</p>

<p>i'm sure your school keeps detailed statistics on previous years' applicants. i'd trust that more than a message board.</p>

<p>ranked by whom? i dotn have the stats in front of me, and cant remember if andover is actually #1, but if you're talking about the Boston Magazine ranks you should remember: 1. That was for top hs in Mass, not the nation 2. They're not even doing that for private schools next year b/c schools lie about their numbers in order to gain an edge 3. If you read the article and looked at the criteria, you'd see that endowment & $$$ was a large factor, where, i think, andover has a pretty big endowment. This is quality over quantitiy. I'm not saying andover's not a great school, but it is not enough to get you in on alone. Another thing to consider, do you think Penn will really be studying Boston Magazine's rankings? The regional rep is supposed to know your school, not the local mag.</p>

<p>Penn college isn't as hard to get in as many believe, it's still difficult, but wharton is very hard to get in, and going to andover could work against someone because chances are a ton of people from there apply to the same schools anways, with basically the same stats</p>

<p>no, definitely not safe to say youre in at wharton. no way. people dont just get in safely at the best business undergrad in the country</p>

<p>im gonna say yes-safe, esp. because it doesnt seem like any of the top students from andover are doing wharton ed this yr and high gpa + legacy + ED seems to = good to go. penn scattergs aren't exactly through the roof. you're fine dont worry about it</p>

<p>our high school orch sure as hell isnt best in nation or else our nation has no musicians...</p>

<p>do the top students from andover do ed to hyp?</p>

<p>penn college isn't as easy to get into as many people think</p>