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<p>My mother went to study at Columbia University, but due to some family problems couldn't complete her course.
While her two sisters completed their courses at Columbia.</p>

<p>Since I am applying to Columbia, should I mention my mother or will that be a negative for me?
Or should I mention my aunts? Will they have to write a letter of recommendation telling about themselves and me? How does it work?</p>

<p>you're not a legacy</p>

<p>Does Columbia give preference in the admission process to applicants whose parents attended Columbia?
We are always pleased to receive applications from students whose family members have graduated from Columbia. When an applicant is extremely competitive and compares favorably with other similarly talented candidates, being the daughter or son of a Columbia University graduate (from any Columbia school or college) may be a slight advantage in the admission process. This advantage may especially apply for “legacy” candidates.</p>

<p>Please note: applicants are considered to be “legacies” of Columbia only if they are the children of Columbia College or the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science graduates.</p>

<p>Applications</a> & Admission Process | Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions</p>

<p>they don't write anything for you. you're not an official legacy, but it's still worth mentioning your aunts' affiliation in the section where they give you the opportunity to mention further info.</p>

<p>So, where do I mention my mom and aunt's alumnus status?</p>

<p>this was easier before columbia went to the commapp because there was a section of the part1 to do it. i don't know what the commonapp offers, but supposing there is no space to put down family who has attended, i'd just send an email after you apply saying - mom attended, but then transferred, aunt attended and graduated, and note the division (cc, seas, or gs or barnard). </p>

<p>with all alumni searchable on columbia's website, it is easy to prove if someone truly graduated from the college or seas now.</p>

<p>"with all alumni searchable on columbia's website, it is easy to prove if someone truly graduated from the college or seas now."</p>

<p>There's a searchable database of alums? Is that accessible to anyone or is it just the alumni directory that requires a UNI?</p>

<p>uni protected.</p>

<p>When you apply to Columbia, you are asked to put information about your parents' education. This you would put there, though I don't believe it gives you the status of legacy. Legacy matters almost nothing unless you apply to Columbia ED, where it is good enough to boost the average applicant (solid EC's, solid grades, solid scores, nothing outstanding) into the accepted pool. Consider applying ED if you're very interested. App rates are likely to increase greatly due to switching to the common app!</p>