Legacy ED Penn, and more

<p>Hey guys! i posted on the "old board," but since it got deleted and I was wondering if anyone else had any new thoughts. I'm applying ED to Penn w/double legacy, but also to NYU Tisch, Cornell, Wash U, Syracuse (Newhouse), if anyone has ideas on chances there, that'd be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>also, since I've basically given up on my last thread, there was one question taht didnt get answered. Ive been keeping in touch with the head of photo there, and she recently told me she wanted to write admissions a letter on my behalf. does anyone know how much that can help? gratzi! </p>

<p>SATI: 700 verbal, 680 math
SATII: 800 writing, 650 bio, 630 iic (retake oct - thinking low 700) </p>

<p>Courses Jr. Year:
AP Bio, AP art history, French, English, Digital Photography independent, Stat/Pre-Calc
Sr. Year:
AB (an AP) Calc, French, Two English electives, AP Photo, (accelerated) Physics, and Journalism (a requirement if you're on the newspaper)
My GPA approx. a 3.6, our school doesn't rank but I got "High Distinction" </p>

Founder and ed in chief of an online photo gallery (the first successful publication, I'm told, in over 25 years, I also got an "faculty commendation," like an award, for it)
Editor on the literary/arts magazine
Photo editor of the award-winning school paper
Varsity Crew (captain) First boat for two years, coxing for four years
80 hrs of community service
School intensive photography trip to Tuscany
Documentary Photography team for the school
Give tours for the school
I also worked as a studio assistant this summer with a professional photographer
BU Racing Camp (crew)
Summer educational travel with a major in Art History Minor in Architecture
Art intensive camp: Major in Photography Minor in Metalworks</p>

<p>50+/50- chance.</p>

<p>50/50 for penn, right? Because of SATs? I am a little worried about that..</p>

<p>bump please?</p>

<p>it's been a bit - and im wicked nervous...so bump, anyone have any insight on any and all schools?</p>

<p>i think you are in</p>

<p>quick update - 680 on math iic, guess i missed the 700 on that one, does that change anything good or bad? comments appreciated!!</p>

<p>haha we got the same math score. very nice writing score. I think you are also in good shape, Legacy will definitly help u ED.Your ECs are very solid, as is your GPA. If i was to give an estimate, id say in.</p>

<p>bump, any new opinions? ps - how far up till dec 10th (aparently not 15th, though I still havent gotten that letter) can we do our interviews?</p>