Legacy ED UPENN and others

<p>I go to a small public school in NJ, my dad graduated from UPENN and I am applying early, I also applied to Duke, Cornell, Univ. of Michigan, Emory(sister goes there), and Washington Univ. in St. Louis. Please let me know what you think my chances are:</p>

<p>1500 (770M,730V)
5-Chem/5-Calc AB
4.3/4.5UW and 5.63 out of about 6 weighted
Doesn't rank, but 3/135 students (may be in guidance counselor rec.)
Senior Schedule- AP English Literature, AP Physics B, AP Calculus BC, AP Spanish Language, AP Biology, Computer Science I
Expect very good rec's from AP Chem teacher/Varsity golf coach, and Spanish 4/AP Spanish teacher who is Quiz Bowl and Mock Trial advisor as well</p>

Mock Trial(10,11,12)
Math League/Science League(9-12)
Quiz Bowl(9-12) Captain
Peer Leadership(11-12)
Varsity Golf(9-12)
Volunteer Club(9-12)
Spanish Club(9-12)
Med. Careers Club(11-12)
Hospital Volunteer(10-12)
Selected for Robert Wood Johnson Mini Medical School(11) </p>

National Merit Commended Scholar
All-Conference Golf Team(10,11)
AMC10 Highest in school(10)
AMC12 2nd highest in school(11)
Bausch&Lomb Excellence in Science
Math League Highest Scoring Students
Hon. Mention Merck State Chemistry (10th individual in NJ)
National Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society</p>


<p>anyone have an opinion?</p>


<p>Your getting in. Stats are good to begin with and the legacy is probably going to be your hook.</p>

<p>Legacy + ED + UPenn = IN</p>

<p>anyone else agree/disagree with wanggggg89 and College_hopeful?</p>

<p>how many more opinions do you need? youre legacy applying early to penn. everyone knows they get in. stop just putting stuff up here to brag</p>

<p>yeah the legacy part'll get you in, and you're a good student</p>

<p>bragging? actually about only 50% of legacy students applying early decision are admitted!</p>

<p>knowing that statistic, anyon have a comment?</p>

<p>50% acceptance rate at Penn is damn good! No one is ever a lock at an ivy league school. Relax your overreacting</p>