Legacy—how much does it help?

Hi, my son is in state, applied EA for computer science. His stats are:
31 ACT
1390 SAT
9 APs
GPA 3.79/4.27
GPA is lower because he played football and took weight training 3 years which maxes at 4.0
Held a job since he was 15

With him being in state and his test scores pretty good, I’m very hopeful about him getting in, but nervous because CS is so competitive. He is a legacy as his dad attended NCSU. Does anyone know how much this factors in? Opinions on his chances? Thanks so much!

I can’t speak to NC, but my child got in EA to GA Tech with lesser scores. We are in state and she has wonderful leadership and ECs. She is a legacy. Good Luck to your son.

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According to section c7 of the common data set it is considered.

I would not rely on legacy to get in but if it’s between two similar kids vying for one spot maybe it helps.

He seems a solid student so hopefully it happens but if not you will find great alternatives with those #s. Good luck.

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NCSU does consider legacy, but it’s not clear how much. Did any of your family attend the Alumni Legacy day? I expect they discuss they discuss there how impactful legacy status is in admissions.

We also consider diversity, legacy status, first-generation status, and rural areas.


Your HS GC and Naviance/Scoir (if your S’s HS uses one of those programs) will be your best source for categorizing the school and overall admission chances.

My son’s high school gives him access to a service called Scoir. I’m not sure how widely used this is but one of the nicer features of this system is it gives us a scattergram to see how recent graduates of his school fared with getting accepted, denied or wait listed at each college. It sorts each applicant by GPA and SAT but doesn’t consider things like major. My son has a lower unweighted GPA but seems to be in a good sweet spot for acceptance in NC ST based upon this information.

I’m not sure how one out of state school’s applicants would compare to your situation. Total sample size is 21 and there were 7 denials, all below a 3.4 GPA.
Does this seem at all representative of NC ST’s degree of selectivity?

Thanks so much for that info! It seems lower than NC State’s degree of selectivity, especially considering you’re OOS. I’ve heard of Scior but our school doesn’t use it. I’ve seen anecdotally kids who have a 3.8W/4.3UW get deferred, that’s what’s making me nervous. I guess I just need to sit tight for a couple of weeks and I’ll have the answer! Good luck to your son!!

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The good news is - if not NC State, as long as you have other targets and safeties, there will be a wonderful school for your child…hopefully NC State…but they can be happy and successful at far more than just the one school.

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