Legacy or not?

<p>Hey, my friend's Grandpa went to and graduated from Stanford, would my friend be considered a legacy? It's only her Grandpa...
Sorry if this has already been stated...</p>

<p>yes (10chars)</p>

<p>yes definitely</p>

<p>Thank you, suprisingly I asked other people on here once and some of them said she wouldn't be considered one, but I wanted more opinions.</p>

<p>How do you convey to the school that you are related to a legacy..??</p>

<p>Your friend is not a legacy. Definitely not.</p>

<p>legacy= the son or daughter of an alum</p>

<p>by alum.. is it just undergrad, or does grad/phd count too?</p>

<p>I've heard it only counts if they were an undergrad.</p>

<p>You know, just calling the admissions office would probably be the quickest way to get an answer.</p>

<p>Only undergraduate counts. I read somewhere in one of the college admission books.</p>

<p>It depends on the college; I went to this thing for G-town, Duke, H, S, and Penn and each had a different definition of legacy.</p>

<p>I was reading Admission Matters and I think I read that Stanford counts Grad students' children (and Grand children?) as legacies too. Not sure, too lazy to go and check!</p>

How do you convey to the school that you are related to a legacy..??


<p>To kill a few birds with one stone:</p>

<p>IF you're a legacy through a parent, the Common App asks for parents' educational backgrounds, so you're definitely covered.</p>

<p>IF you're a legacy through another relative, it may or may not count. You should check the Common App supplement for the school. If they count non-parent relatives, there should be a space that says "Please list other family members who have attended Fred Smith U, with years of graduation". If they don't count non-parent relatives, there won't be such a space.</p>

<p>Okay thanks your posts are very helpful, I will check the common app. I don't think it matters for a few years, but I'm not sure whether my friends Grandpa went there for undergrad or not.</p>

<p>From Stanford's FAQ:</p>

<p>Is there any special preference given to children of Stanford alumni?</p>

<p>Children and stepchildren of parent(s) who have earned either an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree from Stanford are considered “legacies” in our application process. The definition does not extend to an applicant whose grandparents, siblings, or other relatives earned Stanford degrees. No students are ever admitted simply because they are a legacy applicant, but that connection may give them a slight advantage over a similarly competitive non-legacy applicant.</p>

<p>Every school is different, so it helps to just look at the schools website.</p>

<p>Thanks Hat I didn't think of that.... :)</p>