Legacy Scholarship + what other scholarship?

Hi all! I just applied to the University of Kentucky on a last minute decision. My mom is a legacy student and I will receive the highest form of the legacy scholarship (I have 1420+ SAT score). This would let me receive in-state tuition. Would I receive the Provost scholarship or Bluegrass Spirit scholarship? Also, would I be in the pool of candidates of OOS students for competitive scholarships or instate pool? Thank you!

Meant to say I am a legacy student because of my mom

@iwantpurdue, What did you find out? My daughter has applied to UK and will be eligible for the highest legacy award, in-state tuition. I am wondering if she would also be eligible for the Bluegrass Spirit Award. She qualifies for the top tier of that scholarship. So, I am curious if you were offered both scholarships from UK and did they “stack”. If so this would amount to a tuition free scholarship college experience.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.