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Did anyone receive a letter in the last week about legacy applications? We are OOS but have a very strong legacy. Just curious because I didnt receive a legacy letter when my current junior applied

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Have you moved OOS since your Junior applied?

No…we were OOS then also. He was offered a guaranteed sophomore acceptance which he took but we never got a letter during the application process.

I believe they send legacy letters to OOS legacy (parents) families of freshman applicants. Maybe it was because he was entering as a sophomore, or because it was simply missed that year. At any rate, if you received one for S21, hopefully it gave you some peace of mind, since legacy only gives a boost for OOS applicants. Good luck to your student.

We are OOS and received one. I’ve heard that they send them to the families of all applicants with legacy ties - not sure if this only applies to OOS, though.

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We are in NC, and in state applicants with legacy ties received the letters as well. It had more of just an FYI thanks and here are last year’s stats.

OOS legacy son applied this year, and we got the letter. We also got the letter in 2017 when my older son applied.

I got one and I am legacy!

Yes it does to OOS. My D for one.

What does the letter say?

Basically just acknowledging that the student has a legacy connection and that they are there for support whether your child is admitted or not…i.e. transferring

We got the letter too (in state)…anyone else think that it was very impersonal?

My husband and I both graduated from Carolina (1 IS, 1 OOS) as did several other family members.

We get more personalized communication from other schools that are “recruiting” our child.

Received the legacy letter for OOS. Daughter was admitted EA. GPA 4.44 weighted; 3.87 unweighted. Did not submit SAT. Lots of ECs, community service.

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We received same letter 2x D19 and D21 (both were then accepted, in-state). Yes, it’s a little impersonal and UNC doesn’t do much in the way of making most applicants feel they are actually wanted compared to other schools in our experience. Yet, plenty of kids keep applying and accepting offers to attend.

I remember attending an event at another university and the presenter was a former UNC employee. Their take was that UNC’s attitude had become “we’re so great we don’t even have to try.” They didn’t actually name UNC by name but said enough it was obvious what school they meant.

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Congrats! (My daughter was also accepted. No decision yet, but we’ll see!)

True…thanks for sharing. (and congrats!)

Congrats to you too! No decision from D21 yet either. D19 did pick UNC at the 11th hour (11pm on 4/30). Hoping D21 doesn’t wait that long to final decide wherever she chooses. Have to say the legacy pinning did feel special.

What is the legacy pinning??

It’s a ceremony (not sure what will happen this year) at the Alumni center where legacy families gather, listen to some touching speeches about being part of the Carolina family, then the Alumni pin a medal pin onto their current UNC student. Then there was a light reception and family photo op. Plus, encouragement to sign up/renew Alumni memberships of course :-).

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