<p>I'm just wondering how much a legacy helps during ED. My friend only has a 1350 and is ranked not that high... about 25th/630 at our pretty pathetic public h igh school. Does she have any chance ED? I keep telling her to apply ED to her first choice school (Rice), but she thinks that she will get into Columbia for sure.</p>

<p>she def should apply ed to columbia</p>

<p>here are her stats...
1350 SAT
710/690 i think Math I and Latin
25/630 4.15 GPA
extracurrics are band, latin club- some leadership positions with that, but im not sure what her exact title is
thats about it...</p>

<p>There are legacies with better stats that get rejected. No legacy gets into Columbia for sure, the parent is a major donor. Why would she want to apply ED to Columbia if it isn't even her first choice school? If Rice is her first choice, she should apply to Rice!</p>

<p>thats what i tell her ( but im applying ED to Rice, so maybe im biased..) but she thinks that she is for sure getting into columbia becuase of ED + legacy... oh well.. guess we'll see in 2 months</p>

<p>I don't get it. Does she want to go to Columbia or Rice?</p>

<p>Rice is her first choice, but shed still be happy at Columbia</p>

<p>As a student at Columbia (not a legacy, mind you), I can post with absolute certainty that being a legacy seems to help.</p>

<p>Of course it helps. That's the easy question. The tough question is how much it helps. The legacy admit rates at top schools are generally pretty low, but better than the general admit rates. Legacies with good numbers get turned away from Columbia.</p>

<p>Unless things have changed in recent years, Columbia's tendency is to grant more legacy admits that its peers.</p>

<p>I'd agree with LakeWashington.</p>