<p>Ok so i've asked this question before, but i asked in the wrong forum. Doesnt it help if your father's father(direct grandpa) was a professor at cornell?</p>


<p>Good question. I don't believe it would help, unless Grandpa was someone really special and it was mentioned somewhere in the application. By someone special I mean along the lines of Ezra Cornell, Hans Bethe (Nobel Prize winner), etc. </p>

<p>Would be better if Grandpa actually graduated from Cornell--that would count as a legacy. Former prof in the family doesn't make you a legacy as far as I know, but of course this is just an opinion.</p>

<p>Ok, to be more detailed, he got selected as the top 10 people in india and went to study cornell on this scholarship thingo, fully paid. Then they offered him a job there right after. He worked there for a few months before coming back.</p>



<p>Your title for this thread is "Legacy"?. You are not considered a legacy. Yayverily gave you sound advice. Your description of your grandfather, although laudable, isn't a huge deal - many professors have incredible credentials. Have you applied already? If not, you could include in your essay your grandfather's influence on your decision to apply.</p>

<p>one of my friend's sister graduated from cornell college of engineering in the top 5 percentile. she didn't get accepted.</p>

<p>Oh okay thanks for the reply!</p>

<p>Sorry for the trouble.</p>