Legal Name change

<p>Hi, I'm trying to change my name. I'm under 18, AKA as a minor. It's absolutely ecessary to change it before i apply for college. So, how should i go about doing this, with a lawyer, etc? ALso, it's only for my first name. How much does it cost, with and without a laywer and have any of you done it before and what's your advice with it? I'm worried becuase i need it changed ASAP, hopefully in less than 4 or five months. &lt;/p>

<p>Thanks guys!!</p>

<p>oh, and BYW monzzei's just my CC name :^)</p>

<p>Monzzei: I don't know why you need to change your name ASAP, but since you are a minor, you cannot make the change yourself; a parent or guardian must do it with or for you.</p>

<p>It may be possible to carry out a legal name change without a lawyer, but it still must be done through the courts. Since you are in Berkeley, you and your parent/guardian should visit the bookshop of Nolo Press at Ninth and Parker. They publish a book on the topic.</p>