Legal Name Issues

<p>So when my parents first migrated here, during the school registration process, they put a another name, the name is seen as a title in my old country, instead of my real name in the application. So basically my entire school career up to this point that was my official name in school and I've always had to say my real name is the name I go by to my teachers. Of course my parents realized thir mistake when applying for my siblings. Anyways on my 2 AP exams so far I have put that title name as my official name. I also put my social security number. It wasn't until I got my license and my permanent resident card that my real name showed up again. So now with the ACT I applied under my real name. I am also going to try to change the official name on my collegeboard account to streamline my name with everything else. My parents are even going to request the administrators at my school to change my name. I am just worried though that some College may think that I am two different persons. I guess I am just going through some sort of anxiety right now that all of the hard work I've done so far will be void because of this dumb issue. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do next?</p>