Legends of ND


<p>Is this like a bar for students? I mean I looked at the site and its activities and they talk about all the different foods/drinks (I am guessing non-alcoholic), movie nights, dance nights? Is this a great way to meet people from ND and SMC during weekends, like is this the ULTIMATE social scene at ND?</p>

<p>I was wondering from current students thoughts on this or if you have any stories regarding Legends like someone sneaking in with a fake band to say that they're 21, what is the punishment for drinking alcohol underaged, how are Saturdays after football games, is this a great place to interact with SMC girls :P, etc....</p>


<p>I honestly don't hang out at Legends much but it is a good place to be on certain nights (I think Thursdays but I really don't drink). I think they will be strict about alcohol since they are owned by the University, but perhaps others can help there. It is a cool place though, lots of good shows and they really try to get the students over there. I wouldn't say it is the ultimate social scene, but it isn't bad.</p>

<p>Thanks, any other thoughts domers?</p>

<p>As someone who just finished their frosh year at ND, I never went to Legends. They are extremely strict about the alcohol policy, and I hear the food is quite expensive.</p>

<p>The food is on the expensive side I think but they do have discount nights on alcohol for when you are 21. I think Thursdays are $2 Margaritas but since I really don't drink I am not 100% sure. Once you are 21 there are some good nights to go to Legends but it isn't the ultimate hangout, it all depends on the night. It isn't bad though.</p>

<p>Legends is only good a couple times a year when they're able to bring in decent outside talent like comedian Jim Gaffigan and DMB guitar player Tim Reynolds. Only then would I go to Legends. Otherwise its pretty sad on weekend nights.</p>

<p>As for alcohol, they card on the way in and give those over 21 a bracelet. As much as people think they're strict because its university run, I know plenty of people that have used fake IDs to get alcohol especially considering sometimes there are students checking IDs I think.</p>

<p>i suppose im a bit late to answer this one. but legends doesnt give a **** about fake ids. i showed them a real sketchy awful one then they gave me a wristband to drink as much as i wanted (drinks are a little expensive tho). it helps if one of your friends works there too
(it's all students working there). even if you dont have a fake, showing up there already hammered is very easy and expected. its a great place.</p>