Lehigh, Bucknell, and others???

<p>White Male, Resident of PA</p>

<p>Major: Civil Engineering</p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 97%
Rank: 24/445, </p>

<p>Honors classes:Algebra II, Trig/Precalc, Bio I, Chemistry
AP classes: Calc AB/BC, Bio II, English Language, English Literature, Physics B, Microeconomics
got a 4 on AP Bio Test</p>

<p>SAT: Total-1820 M-670 CR-590 W-560</p>

<p>Extracurriculars and Leadership:</p>

<p>Music Honor Society - Vice President
Jazz band - Section Leader
Marching Band - Section Leader (11), Drum Major (12)
Pep Band - Drum Major
Altar Server - Head Alter Server
Brass Ensemble
Recreational soccer
Recreational basketball as freshman
School basketball team as sophomore
National Honor Society
Math Tutor
"Mentor" at summer camp
"Buddy" at sports league for disabled kids
Member of relay for life team
Soccer Referee (job)</p>

<p>Applying to:
Penn State (and schreyer's)
University of Delaware (and honors college)
Lehigh (Legacy)
The College of New Jersey</p>

<p>Lehigh-High Match/Low Reach (not sure how strongly legacy helps there)
Lafayette-High Match
Villanova and Bucknell-Reaches
Penn State-High Match</p>

<p>Chance me if you will… <a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1586220-welcoming-any-all-chances.html[/url]”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1586220-welcoming-any-all-chances.html</a></p>

<p>thanks, will do. anyone else?</p>


<p>bumpity bumptiy bump bump bump bump</p>

<p>Bump and update</p>

<p>Accepted to Penn state (didn’t apply to honors), Hofstra Honors college, College of New Jersey, and UDel (rejected honors college). Still Waiting on Syracuse, Lehigh, Lafayette, Villanova, Bucknell</p>

<p>Thanks for your update…Hang in there! Would be interested in how it turns out as my high schooler is interested in some of the same schools you are waiting on. What major did you indicate on your application? Best wishes.</p>

<p>Just saw you said Civil Engrg. </p>

<p>Update: Accepted to Syracuse and Villanova too
Colleges left: Lehigh, Lafayette, Bucknell</p>

<p>Congrats. Highly recommend Villanova for civ engineering. I actually will be attending Nova for civ engineering this coming fall! Visited it for EA candidates and was amazing. Great community, resources, and overall place to be. I’ve only heard the greatest things from alumni and current students. Also got into UIUC, georgia tech, maryland, purdue, and SUNY albany (nanoscale eng) (rest all civ eng) but nova was clear cut first choice. Good luck to you with rest of choices! </p>

<p>Thank you! May I ask how your nova financial aid package compared to the other schools? Although I’m pretty sure the rest you applied to are all public schools so i guess they work differently? idk </p>

<p>i got into the lehigh lafayette and bucknell as well</p>

<p>Hi, Can you guys please help. I am still indecisive on whether I want to pursue International Relations or International Business or find a way to do both. I’ve recently been accepted to Lehigh, Bucknell, and Northeastern. I am not sure which school to choose and next week is Deposit Day! I pay about 28K for Lehigh, 16K for Bucknell and 38K for Northeastern. I’m from New York City although I have visited Lehigh and Northeastern I felt more comfortable in Northeastern’s social life than Lehigh’s but Lehigh’s campus was absolutely stunning! However I haven’t been to Bucknell yet. Any advice or insight on which school I should choose? SOS!</p>

<p>Well if you thought lehighs campus was stunning you will love the Bucknell campus! Just as lovely without the hills. </p>

<p>I would not encourage you to deposit where you haven’t visited but that a pretty big deference in cost. I am not sure I’d pay that much more to attend northeastern over bucknell though unless you really want to be in boston. </p>

<p>@amelli, I am under the impression that Lehigh is strongly weighted towards Engineering/STEM while Bucknell is larger and has more non STEM students.
For what its worth, I know a kid who takes engineering whose first choice was Lehigh all through high school until he visited Bucknell’s campus. He’s at Bucknell now.</p>

<p>An advantage of being an engineering student at Bucknell is that because the dept is small and there are not that many eng majors, there is more focus and attention given to those in that field. It’s more the rat’s race at Lehigh and the weed out rate is high. </p>