Lehigh business.. worthwhile?

<p>Hey forum,
i was looking around at potential colleges that had a decent business program. so far i have unc, northwestern, michigan, and nyu. However, i am concerned that with my gpa (3.6-unweighted) and sat (2030) i may not make the cut for these schools.<br>
How is lehigh's business program... do they have an international business major. And is it feasible for me to transfer to say nyu stern if i do well my first two years at lehigh. Any comments will be appreciated.</p>

<p>Well the #2 undergraduate program for International Business is Moore Business School at University of South Carolina. It is also #1 for graduate IB. If you applied there, you could possibly get a lot of merit money.</p>

<p>lehigh's undergrad business program is ranked #20 in the country. (i would assume you could do international business there)</p>

<p>I don't think it's a wise idea to go to a school with the intention of eventually transfering. You could really like Lehigh...it's a great and fun school. (3.6 and 2030 I'd put LU as a match/reach for you anyway).</p>