Lehigh Class of 2025 ED II

Any one applying to Lehigh University for ED II?

Please share stats as well if that’s okay.

Mine are:

A Levels (A, A*, A* a, B),
Wonderful LoRs
Quite a lot of EC’s
Have my own Social Service Initiative
Personal Essay pretty strong
and wonderful supplements [ at least for me :wink: ]

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I’m applying ED II as well! Here’s my stats

1400 SAT (730 ERW, 670 M)
99 WGPA (probably a 3.8ish UW)
4 AP classes and 5 Honors classes
A lot of social justice & arts-related ECs
President of Music Honors Society
Music Director of an acapella group
Really strong LoRs and fairly strong supplements
Did a lot of communicating with admissions counselors as well as two interviews

I originally applied RD but switched when I got an email that there was an influx in applications!! Best of luck to y’all

Has anyone heard when ED2 is coming out?

they changed the decision notification date from mid-feb to early feb on my portal

It was always Early Feb

i have this gut feeling that its coming out tomorrow or friday

Ya I have a feeling it will be the end of the week, either this week or next week. Some sites say mid-February and some say early February, but I feel like it will probably be right before the weekend.

Don’t they send an email first?

Some schools send a warning like a few days prior, but sometimes you just get notified as soon as they release them. Honestly not sure how Lehigh does it.

I think thy released ed1 decisions at about noon, I dont know if it will be the same for ed2

Hi! I applied RD to Lehigh but was just told I will be hearing my decision at the same time as you all (I applied to College of Health). Does anyone know when decisions will be coming out?

We actually just got an email letting us know it will be sometime this week! Hoping for sooner rather than later. Good luck!!

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Thanks so much, best of luck to you!

Where did you hear that? Are all RD decisions coming out at the same time as EDII or just yours?

Exactly, I too haven’t gotten any email.

The email said just the RD applicants for the College of Health

Which day do you guys think it’ll come out

ED1 came out 2-3 days after the email, so I am hoping for the same.

My feeling is that they will be out tomorrow or Wednesday

Has anyone heard anymore about the possible timing of decisions?