Lehigh Class of 2025 RD

Lehigh University Class of 2025 RD

Hi all! I applied into the College of Health and just got an email saying I will get my decision this week. Has anyone else gotten this email? And does anyone know the date ED2 comes out (they said I will get it at the same time)? Thanks!

Are you RD or ED II?

I applied RD, but was told that I would get my decision with ED2

Who told you that? And did ED2 come out yet?

D applied RD and we will definitely visit if she gets in!

They released the College of Health RD decisions with their ED2 decisions. Everyone else who applied RD will get decisions this month.

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Lehigh keeps asking me for additional financial aid documents to upload through the LUFileSender. Does anyone think this could possibly indicate an acceptance? I’m within the range statistically and it is a high match school for me. I just don’t see why they would ask me for additional documents five different times if I was going to be denied. Maybe they are already making financial aid packages.

I feel that is normal as they do not give up anyone easily.

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Is anyone else’s portal not working? I checked mine today and it says I can’t log in.

Ours is working. But my d did have to reset her password recently .

mine is working

Yes, there was a mandatory password reset.

D just checked… she was able to log in with original password. No problem.

I reset my password and now its working fine

When do we think we will hear??

By April 1st. Most colleges in this list are by that date, I bet.

this is not an updated list

does anyone know when we will hear or guesses based off of previous years? Im thinking either late this week or next but not sure

Last I heard was ‘late March’

When i looked at prior years it looks like maybe next Friday 3/26.