Lehigh.. do i have a chance?

I am a Korean American living near Philadelphia. I go to a suburban high school, Wissahickon. I began to look at Lehigh and it seemed like a pretty good fit for me. Based on my stats, do you think I have a chance at the business and economics college at lehigh (want to major in management)?</p>

<p>GPA Unweighted: 3.6 (as of sophomore year)
Class rank: 95.42% (weighted)
SAT: 690 M, 670 CR, 670 WR (combined 2030/1353)
SAT 2: Korean (720), yet to take Math IC/IIC, U.S. History
Course Load: All Honors, 7 AP (english, calc 1, economics, physics, euro/us history, statistics), business courses taken (intro business, accounting 1/2, finance, marketing). grades in these courses is 4.0 uw</p>

<p>Activities: National Honor Society, National Business Honors Society--PA FBLA Chapter, sophomore class office co-president, student councel (senator and rep), stars tutor program, asian studies club, fbla (secretary, rep), newspaper (editor), debate club (advanced to regionals), orchestra.
Awards: PA Gov School for Global Entrepreneurship, National Society of High School Scholars, HOBY Youth leadership, PJAS science competitions (2nd for all 3 years), FBLA (won at regional/state competition)</p>

<p>Any comments will be appreciated.

<p>honestly- go for it! class rank seems really high...as long as you make your junior year and 1st semester senior year count, spend lots of time on essays and get some great recs, i'd say youll be a very competitive applicant (i cant say if youd get in or not because the applicants are different every year)</p>