Lehigh on Wall Street?

Does anyone know what the presence of wall street banks are at Lehigh? I am interested in investment banking and would love to know if banks recruit here,

I have a list at home ill give you that I got at my interview-- when I get home from school— here is the older list


I have a full and updated list at home which ill type up!

Thanks, I would like to see it.

sorry it took so long for me to respond— here you go


So I get the overall impression that Lehigh University is safe for a career on Wall Street?

i got the same impression, also im hearing more and more that the business school in general is really becoming quite impressive.

As a current student working towards IB, I feel like I have to say that it’s not gonna come easy. It’s gonna take a lot of work doing well in classes, getting involved in the finance clubs, talking to professors and upperclassmen, and networking with alumni. Only the best of the best in the business school get a shot at banking, and you’re gonna have to do some prep outside of your Lehigh finance classes to prep for banking interviews. It is possible however, especially if you start your freshman year.