Lehigh or Rowan Engineering

Basically, at the deposit deadline I chose Lehigh, but as time has gone on I don’t know if I am satisfied with the decision. Lehigh is, of course, really expensive and would cost 35k a year given aid. Rowan gave me 10k a year and another external scholarship brings the price down to 15k a year. At best (with family contribution) I would have around 50-60k in loans after Lehigh, while I would be debt free after Rowan.

I know I’m asking to answer an impossible question, but is a degree from Lehigh worth the extra money and debt? Would I be smarter to go to Rowan and then a bigger name grad school?

Wow. Totally different types of schools. My son will be a senior at Rowan; we live near Lehigh and toured for my D21. Lehigh is gorgeous. I wouldn’t describe Rowan that way, but their engineering facilities are new and top notch. It’s the start of the show at Rowan. Social life revolves around Greek life at Lehigh; not so much at Rowan.

For engineering, if it were my kid, I would push Rowan debt free. If you plan on grad school, doing well at Rowan will get you in anywhere you want to go. Save the money.

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