Lehigh Transfer Aid

<p>Just wondering, does Lehigh actually give more aid to transfer students with better credentials?
This year I will be attending the University of Richmond, but for family reasons I would like to be closer to home.
I have a 1550/1600 2260/2400, roughly 3.8 (3.9+ after freshman year) UW GPA from one of the best 10 or 15 private schools in the nation, average or above average extra curricular activity involvement, great recs, etc.
So, as long as I pull solid grades my first year in college do you think it is probable, improbable, possible, etc, that I receive a relatively generous financial aid offer from Lehigh?</p>

<p>Thank you for responding, to those that do. Response from those with experience dealing with lehigh transfer aid is especially appreciated.</p>

<p>anyone? Financial aid is very important in my decision, and I'm trying to get a gauge on what situation is. Any response is welcome. Thank you.</p>

<p>i do not know anything about transfer aid, but you may as well apply and just see what happens. it can't hurt. try talking to someone in financial aid or admissions. i'm sure they would be helpful. lehigh is known for being one of the best schools for financial aid in the country though.</p>

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<p>Directly from Lehigh's FA site: Lehigh</a> University: Undergraduate Admissions: Tuition & Financial Aid: Transfer Student Aid </p>

<p>Limited funding is available to transfer students. Aid is awarded based first on financial need, then on the student's overall record, including academic and extracurricular activities. Transfer students are not eligible for Merit Scholarships. For detailed information on financial aid, please visit our Web site or call the Office of Financial Aid at 610-758-3181 for a brochure and filing deadlines.</p>