Lehigh Uni Interviews

Hey guys, I’m an international student requesting Lehigh Uni interviews. However, I saw no slot available on its website. Does this mean Lehigh has ran out of interview slot? Will they add more options in the future (I’m applying to Lehigh as a RD applicant)

If you go on their website, it looks like international go via a different path. Have you reached out to one of the folks here?

Good luck.

LU Diplomats | Lehigh University

The website led me to the same interview request page as domestic students so I think I will email the admission office tomorrow. quite confusing

That works as well. Good luck. Wondering if you are seeing what I’m seeing thought.

There was a bunch of diplomats - it said if you see someone from your country, email them. and there was the club advisor. i’ll send you hist email in PM. I would email him and ask for assistance in getting one set up.

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Thank you so much! I found an alumni from my country:) I will email him later