Lehigh University: My Chances?

Currently, I am a Senior hoping to get into Lehigh University.
Right now, my WGPA is 3.81. My school does not give the actual GPA to colleges.
I have taken 3 AP classes and numerous Honors classes. I currently take 2 ap classes (for a total of 5 aps).
Also, I have played in the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra for 2 years and the Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra for 1 year.
If this helps, I also performed in All South Jersey Orchestra and placed 5th chair during my Junior year.
I have also played in my school pit for 2 years.
In addition, perform in both my school orchestra and pep band for all 4 years.
I also threw in JV Track and Field for 2 years as a javelin thrower.
I have also interned at JFK Hospital (3 years) and Kwak Family Medicine(1 summer).
Also, I have went on 3 mission trips during my high school year(Dominican Republic, South Carolina and Mexico)
I have a 32 on my ACT (English:33 Reading:35 Math:32 Science:28).
I am also the current founder and President of the Moorestown Chapter of JSA.
I have also visited twice and contacted with my admission counselor several times through emails and a college fair.
My planned major is Psychology.
Also, I am wondering if having 3 C’s in Honors Geometry©, Honors Chemistry(C+) and Honors Pre-Calculus(C-) over the course of my past 3 years would greatly reduce my chances of getting in.

Thank you so much for your time and help!

Lehigh: High match

If you showed your diligence and interest/ love for Lehigh, you have no worries. Lehigh is amazing. Admissions does not just look at your stats but at what you bring to Lehigh. I was at the top of my class and had great grades, but my SAT and ACT scores weren’t Lehigh’s average and I had no AP credits but oh I sure showed my interests and my outside accomplishments and struggles. Pour your heart out if Lehigh is the school for you. Be ready for the amazing accomplishments to come! :wink: