Lehigh University Vs. Boston University

<p>I need help. I am finishing my Freshman Year at Lehigh University in the Business School but I was not happy with the heavily dependence on Greek Life and the fact that it is in the middle of PA.<br>
I got into the Business School at BU but I do not know what to do. I feel like Lehigh is more prestigious and has much better networking then BU. They are a heavily recruited school by the big 4 in New York and sets you up well after college. I also feel that if I go to BU I will be settling for something less than. I want to either major in Finance or Accounting. Definitely have a accounting concentration, if anything. </p>


<p>You’d be well-advised to ask recruiters which school they prefer. </p>

<p>BU is, overall, the stronger of the two, academically and reputationally.</p>

<p>“I feel like Lehigh is more prestigious and has much better networking then BU.”</p>

<p>Meh. Have you heard this from folks outside of Lehigh? Assuming that you can afford both schools, any difference is not enough to outweigh spending three more years in a location you don’t like, in a culture you don’t like. Go be in a city and get some real internships. Oh, and be happier.</p>



<p>I’ve heard the opposite, and a quick check on the Businessweek survey for 2012 shows that Lehigh is rated higher than BU for both accounting and finance. </p>

<p>However, I also agree with Hanna, that it’s not likely to make a huge difference and being happier (while still being responsible) is likely to be a larger factor in your ultimate success. Be happy!</p>

<p>Lehigh University , down sides heavy greek presence and unbalanced male/female ratio.
still (IMO) a better choice then BU.
have you looked at muhlenberg?</p>

<p>No I have not looked at Muhlenberg. I have applied to CSOM at Boston College though, as well.</p>



<p>Smelling some Boston bias here. Lehigh has marginally higher SAT scores and consistently ranks higher for undergrad. Their career services and alumni network gets a lot of praise, whereas BU’s has fallen under some criticism and student dissatisfaction as of late. Lehigh is definitely a much stronger choice for accounting and finance especially if you want to do Big 4.</p>

<p>I would also strongly consider: Villanova SOB, Northeastern (accounting co-op), and Penn State Smeal. All are in the same ball park as Lehigh.</p>

<p>If you get into BC CSOM, definitely go there as it is easily the strongest choice out of them all.</p>

<p>Lehigh is actually more prestigious and beneficial than BU. However, if you feel that the environment at Lehigh doesn’t fit you and you are not happy there, then I would say go ahead and transfer. There difference is prestige is small but the difference in environment is huge.</p>

<p>Ok, for the record, I’ve no connection with either university, but if one is to go on USNews, Lehigh ranks 15 places below BU, so no contest there.</p>

<p>Personally, I think rankings are kinda dumb. To that extent, I think BU is probably under-ranked; of late, I’ve become aware of some surprising strengths there, especially in STEM.</p>

<p>On the other hand, I can’t say anything about finance/accounting. Then again, fwiw, I’ve lived in several major population centers and I had to look up Lehigh to remind myself where it was located. Not the measure of anything, perhaps. Just that it’s difficult for this reasonably informed neutral party to believe that anyone outside the Lehigh community thinks the Lehigh name pulls more weight than BU.</p>

<p>Both will set you up for Big 4, go with the one you like better.</p>