Lehigh vs Richmond

<p>What do you see as the major differences between attending business school at Lehigh University and University of Richmond?</p>

<p>Do you want to know which has a better business school or the differences in the campus.</p>

<p>Lehigh is very preppy, very frat oriented, and has a very hilly campus</p>

<p>Richmond is preppy as well, but it very southern (not as much as W&L though). It also has a really nice campus.</p>

<p>They are both good schools but I would say Lehigh is better by a bit... they have a very good business program.</p>

<p>Richmond has a more down-to-earth student body, in my experiences. The kids may wear preppy clothes, but they tend to be very friendly and kind. The campus is gorgeous, and the academic reputation is great. Plus, it's located in Richmond, which has plenty going on. </p>

<p>Lehigh is very fratty and sort of clique-y. The campus is nice, but the surrounding area is a dud. There's very little to do in Bethlehem. </p>

<p>You'd get a fine education at either, but I'd choose Richmond.</p>

<p>Richmond is a nicer town. Lehigh has the better reputation. Visit both, if you can. You might really hate one or the other.</p>

<p>Both schools are known by people who know a lot about colleges. </p>

<p>The average person probably doesn't know much about either school to be honest, and with those in the know, the schools are on the same tier with only slight differences varying by field. Just go to whichever fits you better.</p>