leisure at rice

<p>hey. just wanna know what are the activities which students usually engage in out of class. and.. how hot is the weather during summer?</p>

<p>gets to 90 - 100 ish in the summer</p>

<p>Activites people engage in
1. Sport - Rec center, basketball, soccer, football, badminton, raquetball, work out, baseball, ultimate frisbee...... blah blah
2. Movies - there is a movie shown often in the 70'000 seating Rice Stadium
3. Random stuff - every college has a pool table, ping pong,
4. Volleyball courts around, go play
5. Walk around campus
6. Goto the shephard school and watch concerts
7. Jump over hedges..</p>

<p>list is endless - there is plenty to do</p>

<li>go to village for restaurants</li>
<li>exhaust village restaurant options and go to places like hillkroft</li>
<li>museums, lots of discounted stuff, walking through is free</li>
<li>talks such as president lecture series or from flyers. i saw leebron speak today actually (not president lecture series) about supreme court cases. very good. </li>
<li>drinking--it needs to be mentioned</li>

<p>DD attended lots of plays, musicals, strange parties w/ themes and weird costumes -all put on by students.</p>

<p>No one said my personal favorite -
go to target!</p>

<p>(half kidding)</p>

<p>Things I really miss from Rice that haven't already been mentioned include:
Going to Houston Symphony concerts
Hermann Park
Volunteering at Texas Children's
late night runs to Katz's/House of Pies/TC/IHOP
Meetings for clubs/college government
SAS night
Watching project runway in the Lovett Commons, or Grey's Anatomy with my freshmen.</p>

<p>i must say.. late night runs to TC are fun... and you forgot Whataburger...</p>