Lend me your thoughts for art programs at Florida universities.

Hello! I was hoping if anyone had any input towards art BFA programs in Florida. I get in state tuition so I would like to stay here for the cheap price tag. I’m leaning towards UCF or FSU for their animation programs. I would be transferring for either Summer 2019 or Fall 2019. I know about RCAD but I will not put myself through a tremendous amount of debt at an early age.

Other Choices I’m looking into:
UCF - Character Animation (1st)
LCAD - Game Art (2nd)
FSU - Animation & Digital Arts (3rd)
Ringling - Computer Animation
Art Center - Ent. Design - Animation
UF - Digital Arts & Sciences

Thank you all!

Given that you just said Ringling isn’t part of the equation because of cost, why is Ringling, LCAD, and Art Center even on your list?

If cost not a factor, Ringling…hands down the best animation program in FL, maybe the US
If cost is a factor, FSU.

To poke my head in here, since you are also applying to California schools, I would reccomend Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) Animation program!

For anyone that is looking for a strong Animation program in a university setting… Loyola Marymount University (LMU) is a fantastic option. They provide students with strong studios arts classes and balance it with animation and core. The animation classes offered vary, and currently there are 2D, 3D, and even a new stop-motion class taught by an animator on Robot Chicken. For students that want the pre-production concept side of animation, that is offered too with character design, world building, and many intensive storyboarding classes.

Though the website is not too informational, when you visit the actual program, you realize how much LMU truly offers in their Animation program (which is housed in the School of Film and Television).

The program is relatively newer compared to others and is currently ranked #12 on the West Coast (Animation Career Review) and is climbing the rankings every year!

Alumni work at Disney Animation, Dreamworks, Laika, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, Sony, Blizzard, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Bento Box, Bix Pix, and many more.

I recommend checking this program out if you are looking for an intense, but worthwhile Arts/Animation program in a university setting.


@ohmywhat–you’ve pulled up every old thread on the visual arts forum to sing the praises of LMU which honestly doesn’t have a good animation program but does have a tuition equalling the top programs. It is not a good option for most people.

@kichita – make sure you go through the program requirements to get into the majors at UCF and FSU. I think both require portfolio review after two years to get into the program which has limited space…

Ringling accepts Bright Futures as well as offers merit. I don’t know how that would affect your finances. Of course, the FL publics are the most cost affective.

@ECmotherx2 I don’t qualify for Bright Futures :confused: I’ll be depending on loans mostly.

@gouf78 I know about their limited program space. Since I’m transferring, I’ll be going as a Junior and just need to work on the entrance portfolio.

@gouf78 and @cruzanlady ; Ringling does interest me. No doubt their student films are impeccable but its the cost that holds me back. I’ll be applying to Ringling/LCAD/ACCD to see how much of scholarship $ they give out but ultimately I’ll be leaning towards a Florida public university instead.

The CA program at Ringling is pretty closed. You would probably have to start over as a freshman for the most part. General education credits may be accepted but you can’t transfer into the program as a junior. You might be able to apply to one of their other programs like gaming or motion design. Much of that decision would hinge on portfolio.
It is very expensive and I’d agree with you that heavy debt would be a bad decision.

@gouf78 I didn’t realize your daughter went for CA at Ringling. How is she doing now? Does she have an industry job? Paying Ringling debt?

My advisor says I have a pretty competitive portfolio to apply for Ringling but I still wish it would be illegal for universities to charge so much, LOL! I hope my portfolio stands out so much they won’t be picky with aid since they prefer giving it to incoming freshman.