Length of EA essay?

<p>People are getting me really paranoid. 700 words? More than that?</p>

<p>The common app says 250-500, so I thought it would be capped at 500. I wrote ~500 words. Why is everyone else's longer?</p>

<p>Stupid Nov. 1 deadline :).</p>

<p>Geez... I'm going to barely make that 500! Don't sweat it. They say 500 words, so they mean it.</p>

<p>Word to the stupid Nov. 1 deadline, though. Grrr... I'm going to go insane before it, I swear.</p>

<p>Mine was maybe 550. It looks weird online, because it only fills up half a page, but I don't think you can ever go wrong by following the directions.</p>