Length of Pomona Supplement Essay

<p>I'm applying to Pomona and doing the supplement, but I do not know what length to make the Pomona supplemental essay. Help please! My common app essay is between 600-800 words. Is that appropriate, or should it be shorter/longer?</p>


<p>I applied ED to Pomona, and my Common App Essay was 702 words. My supplement was about 500.</p>

<p>I'll tell you what my counselor told me. Your essay should be as long as it needs to be. If it is well written and answers the question in a thoughtful and intelligent way, the length really should not matter.</p>

<p>Though she added that the essay shouldn't be shorter than 400, and no longer than 1000. Personally, I think unless your a truly amazing writer, don't go over 800 words.</p>

<p>Main essay was 2.5 pages single spaced, supplemental was less than a page.</p>

<p>Length matters far less than content.</p>