Les Miserables: 25th Anniversary tour

<p>I get to see Les Miz in Dallas on Monday, and am more excited about it than I am about Christmas! It's my favorite show. Anybody seen it or have kids to look for in it?</p>

<p>I'm don't have a chance to see it, but I did go to Cowboy's game on Saturday and Natalie Weiss sang the national anthem and was fabulous.</p>

<p>I saw it in LA and it was fabulous! The male cast is spectacular! Set is scaled down but it fit very well on The Pantages stage.</p>

<p>My mistake- it was the Ahmanson Theatre</p>

<p>I read a local review which raved about the male cast, but not so much the females except Madame Thenardier and Eponine (I think.) It plays at the new Winspear Opera House in Dallas and this will be my first visit there. I hear it is fabulous.</p>

<p>Bring Him Home was perfection! It was a great show, and the males were very impressive. I especially was captivated by Enjolras, the leader of the students. Maybe it was his hair. lol Seriously, they were all fabulous. My D's friend (OCU grad) who plays one of the students was on vacation this week, we learned after the show. We spent all night trying to find him on stage and afterwards we found out why we couldn't. Of course, we would have known this if we had read the board in the lobby, but we were too preoccupied trying to get to our seats.</p>

<p>Oh that blonde hair.......</p>

<p>My daughter has been in shows with Marius, the Foreman and the Loud Hailer. So happy that they are having this experience! I always tell the guy who plays Marius that I could listen to him sing the alphabet, I love his voice so much. He went to CCM, btw.</p>

<p>Yes, Marius was amazing. A Little Fall of Rain was very touching. I would see it again and again if I could afford it!</p>