Lester b pearson scholarship guys! Anyone applied?

Hey guys anyone applied for the lester b pearson scholarship 2018 :slight_smile: :-SS

Yep - I applied. I am from India, where are you from?

I’m from Nigeria. Do you do IB?

No I do another programme called the European Baccalaureate (I am living in France currently)

Ooohh is it somehow like IB??
What are your stats

Yeah, it’s similar but we have many more subjects (around 10) instead of 6 in IB but then some subjects are a bit less intense so overall the difficulty is the same as IB.

I have a prediction of 95% in the European Bac and 1570 SAT with 800 in SAT Physics, Chemistry, Math II, and French Subject Tests.

Although I am strong academically, I don’t really have any extracurriculars (didn’t think I would be applying to colleges in North America) which is why I am pretty sure I don’t have a chance at the scholarship. I just got rejected from all the schools I applied to in the US (one of the main reasons was also that I asked for a lot of financial aid).

Where else are you applying and what are your stats?

Omg that’s really good!!!.. Ahh you should have just lied about the extracurricular activities :))… Ok were you a leader at your school??

I think you still have a chance >:D<
I didnt apply to alot of schools or places… Just Canada, Ireland and Germany
I have a prediction of 43/45points

Yess i applied and now I’m waiting to hear. I also do the IB and I’m from Indonesia. When do you think we’ll hear by?

@IlluminatiIsReal you said “I am living in France currently”. Are you a French citizen?

oooh wow what was your predicted? have you gotten admission from university of Toronto though…for the course you applied for

I think they will start giving replies from early april till mid-april

Hi guys, I’m from Vietnam. I’m still waiting for the pearson scholarship result.

heyyyyy. what are your stats? have you already gotten an offer from university of Toronto for your course?

I got admitted to Victoria College in mid January. My major is Computer Science

SAT I: 1490
SAT II: 800 Math II and Physics
I got third prize at Vietnam Mathematics Olympiad in 11th and 12th grade

I don’t know much about IB. Most high schools in Vietnam have a quite different curriculum

I got admitted into Vic college in mid Jan as well, for the Life Science program.

and I’m wondering what kind of extra curricular’s did you guys do??

Hi, I’m applied in Canada but I’m Vietnamese international student. I got the offer for Life Science-New College. Have anyone heard anything yet?

@CelinePham Hi. I haven’t heard anything. Hope the result come out by the end of the week.

Btw, It’s nice to know there’s another Vietnamese here :D. I can tell from your name that you weren’t born in Vietnam, were you?

@kimrin Hi. I was so happy when I saw your post. I was born in Vietnam, I came to Canada 2 years ago under a study permit, Celine is my English name, my real name is Thu :slight_smile:

Guys i havent even received an offer from from university of toronto yet for my course and im freaking out… Idk if they’ll still take me when my application is still at “application received”

Same for me