Let me have your advice on this

<p>I'm attending the Computer Programming Course at Columbia University as a junior. I'm not an excellent english student, I have a 80 in that class (I assume its an 80 because i'm an IB student taking all IB courses and our school does not have a GPA). I'm going to the #1 highschool in queens as well.. I have okay ECs and I have an A+ in Math and Technology. </p>

<p>Basically English isn't my first language, i'm armenian and its hard for me to do well in English class. I'm more of a math/tech driven.</p>

<p>Having said this, do I have any chance on bloody earth to get into MIT.</p>

<p>Oh, one more thing. I did poorly before I entered the 11th grade. for example in math i had a 75 average (teacher disliked me) and now i have a 95+ average. I think that will stand out</p>