Let’s talk Designer Handbags

I know that distinction is different for everyone. I started a similar thread 3.5 years and and finished reading it, it was fun! Since that time, I’ve purchased a few Michael Kors and Cosch’s that I love for different functions and seasons. I have become a purse fanatic in my 60’s after carrying cheap ones all my life, I used to not care about them other than style and function.

So now, I’m going to buy my first high-end purse and am looking for opinions. It’s between Gucci and YSL, the smaller crossbody. I’m looking for something to carry in the evenings or someplace special for day. I’m not looking for an everyday purse. Before I show you my choices, this is my everyday purse in the fall and winter. I purchased last fall and am love with it.


I have a Michael Kors beige Ginny crossbody, and a black one that is edgy. I see it’s on sale and that ticks me off because I paid full price last November and didn’t get to wear it much before the pandemic. I’m not a black purse person, I don’t wear much of that color. But this super bling one spoke to me.


Ok…now on to my dilemma. Of the Gucci ones, they only come in 4 colors. Black, Red, Dusty Rose and Creamy White. I love the creamy white but I’m hearing horror stories of black and blue jean transfer. The only 2 options for me are the black and white. I keep thinking a black purse like this is classic, maybe I should do it. But I do really like the white one in this style.


I also love this YSL, except it’s smaller. But I love the wine color. Again, the black may be smarter and I do think it looks elegant in black, more so than the Gucci. Wine is one of my favorite colors, but maybe I can just buy that color in a cheaper purse. I think it cones in the white too, but there’s always that color transfer issue.





It’s early in the morning so sorry for the rambling. I guess I’m just thinking this through and would like someone’s help. I’ve never purchased anything this expensive before “just because” I want it.

@oldfort , please come to this thread and help me out! The other posted before I was through and I couldn’t figure out how to edit it. I’m hoping the mods will delete that one.

I think both the YSL and the Gucci are really nice bags and you couldn’t go wrong with either.

An instagram follow for all things designer purses are Julia Rose Boston. She posts tons of great designer purses that influencers carry.

I have a Coach purse like the Michael Kors blingy one. I love it, it makes quite a statement.

For everyday, I bought a MZ Wallace crossbody which works well for my current lifestyle.

I have a cream quilted that I inherited and it hardly ever gets used because of the color. I’d go with black.

Of the two you linked, I think they are similar enough that I’d go with which size you like better.

I did. And while I was at it, I edited this header. Use colloquial terms all you want within the thread, but fashionistas know that you purse your lips, put a book in your pocket, but carry a handbag. ?

@deb922 , my friend has an MZ Wallace that her SIL just gave her because she didn’t want it anymore. We were discussing bags and neither of us had heard of them and she was wondering how much they cost. So, I looked hers up and it was almost $400! She has limited means and was just so thrilled, I was happy to give her that piece of info!

I prefer the Gucci which seems more understated, so I think it would go more places. The tassel on the YSL seem pretty large, so I think that might (personally) bug me. The additional gold chain on the strap makes the YSL dressier to me. So, it might depends on what you are going for. I don’t think you can go wrong with either; it’s more a matter of personal preference. :slight_smile:

I would 100% do black


If you like wine color, maybe this Tory Burch bag will work for you (I have it in green). It’s a fun, everyday bag.

I don’t have an opinion on the dressier handbag. MZ Wallace bags are so lightweight, I’ve given a few as gifts (the medium and large tote). They also have a pretty wine color too.

@skieurope , thanks and that was funny. Here I was thinking I was a fashionista.

@bookworm, I really like that, thanks for the link. I like tassels.

If I were to buy another bag, I would really think about the Tory Burch camera bag that @bookworm referenced.

My sister likes to carry one expensive bag until it falls apart. I like to carry different bags that are more mid priced and have more options.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. Just different choices

I’m with @Hoggirl in that I would think the YSL tassle would bother me. Enjoy!

Often times those tassels are removable.

I am not an expert at all. Lol, probably out of my realm. But my mom has the Gucci in cream white and wears it all the time. I don’t recall it ever getting dirty… she is a neat freak. I just remember her getting a bunch of gift cards for her birthday and I went with her to pick it out. Not sure why I am even lurking on this…just my 2 cents.

conmama: Do you also hang out on purse forum/purse blog? A rabbit hole for handbag enthusiasts.

If not, please know they will have threads devoted to the bags you’re considering.

Right now it’s a busier place than here.

Adding… I vote for the gucci

ALH, who knew? Handbag sites and real estate devotees.

Just a footnote, but I bought my bag on sale. When you sign up for emails, you get a discount.

Having clicked on the links, my CC feed is now inundated with Neiman-Marcus ads

But since I looked, I’ll add my 2 cents. I prefer the Gucci.

Con mama, thank you for starting these fun threads! Sometimes the forums dedicated to specific interests get so detailed and over my head that my eyes glaze over. Here you get suggestions and advice from real people. I also prefer the Gucci, mainly because it’s bigger. My daughter found an adorable Tory Burch crossbody on line but had to see it in person to make sure it fit her phone, car keys, etc.

Bookworm: fwiw, for those unfamiliar, it’s not just handbags. There are celebrity threads, wardrobe, minimalism, pregnancy and new mothers, etc. For a year or so closets were cleaned out, refitted, and photos shared. A few years back, an active over 50s fashion thread, money management, and so on. Now folks have sheltering in place threads. There are long time posters. It’s another sort of online community.

^^^ Can you hint to the name of the site??? (At first I started to google “bookworm” then realized your were addressing our CC “Bookworm”!!!)

This topic is right up my alley and I love both YSL and Gucci bags. I’ve been looking for a good all-around ivory bag so both of these have crossed my radar. Are you able to see both at a store before purchasing? I notice a couple slight differences that could make a difference in functionality. The YSL zipper seems to extend farther down the sides of the bag which may make it easier to get things in and out. And the YSL also has the slip pocket on the back side which is very handy.

I would opt for black for your first high-end designer bag. It will look great forever. Or the burgundy if that is one of your favorite colors and you will use it with a lot of different outfits. I’ve held off on an off-white bag until I had all the other colors because I don’t think I’ll use it as much as a colored bag. And I’ll never use it with jeans. I have experienced denim transfer on a Louis Vuitton so I always use a darker bag with jeans.