Let’s talk Regional Exchange Universities THAT ALSO give merit to further reduce costs.

For example…someone just shared with me info about Purdue University Ft Wayne campus. If you’re part of the Midwest Exchange, then OOS tuition is lowish (around $12k), but merit scholarships can further reduce. In this person’s case, her child received an add’l merit of $4k.

And if you choose their condos for dorming, then a meal plan is not req’d which can be a HUGE savings.

So…copy paste this format and feature schools that are in regional exchange programs that also give merit. Include links if possible.

Some of the regional exchange names are: Midwest Regional Exchange (MRE), Academic Common Market (ACM), Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) or other.

Please note that for some Exchanges, only certain majors qualify depending on your home state.

Regional Exchange Name:

University’s Full Name (not just initials):

Regional Exchange tuition:

Scores needed for Merit Scholarships and Merit amounts:

Someone posted this on another thread

Eastern New Mexico University (Clovis, NM)
OOS is $17k/year (includes room, board, fees tuition, books)
Residents of CO, AZ, TX or from WUE states get instate prices bringing costs down to $15K/year
OOS students with 3.5 GPA and 20 ACT/1030 SAT OR 3.0 GPA and 23 ACT/1130 SAT get instate prices

Table for additional merit awards here: https://www.enmu.edu/admission/scholarships/out-of-state-freshmen
(merit starts at a 20 ACT/ 1030 SAT)

Cost info here: https://www.enmu.edu/admission/tuition-and-fees

Special tuition program for students in Communicative Disorders.

Western New Mexico University
Instate tuition fees $7k/year
OOS tuition fees $15K/year
Residents of CO, AZ and those living in TX within 130 miles of Silver City (El Paso area) are eligible for instate tuition ($7K year)
WUE states get 150% of instate tuition ($10.5K/year)


OOS merit scholarships–https://financialaid.wnmu.edu/out-of-state-scholarships/

WNMU guarantees your tuition costs will not go up after freshman year if you maintain at least 2.0 GPA and take 30 credits/ years.

WNMU offers a number of merit and circumstance-based scholarships

University of New Mexico is offering out of state students the in-state rate of $7,556 a year in tuition. According to their correspondence to us it is less than we’d pay if we stay in our own state…and from my research it’s true.

Is there a link for this?

Here is some info for University of New Mexico:

“*80% of non-residents pay a discounted rate. For example, new non-resident freshmen with a 3.0 GPA and a test score of 22 ACT or 1100 SAT who apply for admission for Fall 2020 before December 1 will pay the tuition and fee rate of New Mexico residents…”

They also have discounts for lower test scores.


"All non-resident undergraduate freshment and transfer applicants qualify to pay 1.5 times the New Mexico resident tuition rate if they:

Apply for fall admission by December 1
Have a 3.0 cumulative high school or college transfer grade point average (GPA)
Have a minimum 19 ACT or 910 SAT

Regional Exchange Name: WUE

University’s Full Name (not just initials): Northern Arizona University

Regional Exchange tuition: WUE Tuition and Fees: $17,221 (same tuition rate for all four years)

Scores needed for Merit Scholarships and Merit amounts:
3.0-3.49 unweighted core high school GPA: add’l $5,000/year
3.5-4.0 unweighted core high school GPA: add’s $6,000/year
(test scores are NOT required, although higher test scores may result in a larger award)

NAU also provides need-based grants to WUE students.

Regional Exchange Name: WUE and Mountains & Plains Here is a map of states included: https://www.coloradomesa.edu/financial-aid/tuition/tuition-programs.html

University’s Full Name (not just initials): Colorado Mesa University

Regional Exchange tuition: $13,863 (tuition) about $25K COA

Scores needed for Merit Scholarships and Merit amounts: 1000 SAT $1,250-$6,000

Mesa offers all of the outdoor lifestyle Colorado has to offer, but it’s significantly less than CU Boulder.

Note that engineers can get the WUE rate for 2 years but for the last two it is the out of state rate. However, the diploma is from University of Colorado. Mesa’s tuition even for OOS is still much lower than CU-Boulder.

Mesa is a great school with Div 2 sports, easy access to Utah and Colorado ski areas, Moab, even Las Vegas.

May I ask, my parents are not citizens and not residents of the US, I am a citizen however. I’m not a resident of any state, I’m thinking of establishing residency in PA in my gap year, do you think I will be granted residency?

What you want is to be a resident for tuition purposes. As an adult US citizen, you can establish residency in any state by moving there and getting the paperwork in order - register to vote, get a DL, get a lease or buy a house, etc.

Most states still consider the residence of the parents when determining instate tuition rates. There are exceptions like if you are married or supporting a child, if you have military service, etc.

how old are you? how will you live in the US if your parents live elsewhere?