Let the threads fall where they may...

<p>So I have an idea. Let's post lots of new threads so the title of the Byerly post on assaults falls "below the fold". That means falls out of the window we all see without scrolling. After all, the most important thing is to take the offenses suffered by these women out of a website devoted to where kids want to, should, can, and will go to college. And if Byerly keeps "bumping" the thread up then we will know what he/she, elderly or juvenile, is attempting to accomplish in this discussion.</p>

<p>This thread is my contribution to that effort.</p>

<p>And if we want to keep speculating on who B is and why he/she is doing this, feel free to hijack this thread. Or start your own....</p>

<p>BTW, who has an orange and black umbrella already? I promise it is the one thing you will not make it through four years without.</p>

<p>all i know is if he is TRULY a harvard alumnus, what a sad first-hand example of what some harvard alums end up doing in their post-cambridge years. if he is an old alumnus who is retired, how sad that even at age 60+ some of them still obsess over what college they went to. and if he is a "young" alumnus, how sad that his harvard degree hasnt landed him a job to keep him busy during the day...who else has the time to be on the board EVERYDAY, but someone who must be unemployed or retired? certainly, not a shining example of what harvard alums end up doing with their lives. if byerly wants to characterize/generalize princeton and princetonians based on the actions of that sick grad student, why wouldn't someone also generalize all harvard students/alums to be like byerly? i shudder to think that...</p>

<p>sometimes, i think he MUST be someone paid by Yale or Princeton to turn people off to harvard. he's done a fine job of that.</p>

<p>oops I accidentally bumped up Byerly's thread :o...I deleted my post though...in any case it was already pretty much on the top of the list</p>

<p>Great idea! working on it.</p>

<p>this scheme could use legendofmax and zantedeschia, they're both nutty postesr : )</p>

<p>Yes. Zante, here is what can motivate you in your slump!</p>

<p>(alumother - "let the threads fall where they may" << what book is this from? Something about dragons and weyrs and time travel, or maybe i'm being hyperimaginative)</p>

<p>The post seems to have vanished...nice work everyone...great idea alumother</p>

<p>Those Princetonians...such spirit and camaraderie...</p>

<p>mea - if it's those books, it would be Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey - and it's the first thing I thought of when I read the thread title ;)</p>

<p>cool idea!</p>

<p>omg i loved that book (or set of books, i shud say) i'm a total sci-fi novel freak</p>

<p>Ooohhh another bumping frenzy? :D
I remember MIT pre-decision days...</p>

<p>merc you haven't gone to sleep yet??! :eek:</p>

<p>I WOKE up at 8:30 :p
but slept again at 9 ;)</p>

<p>yea ! that's it, prettyfish. I was suddenly afraid i'd made it all up in my head ---> me = the next John Nash minus the math supersmarts.</p>