Let us make the perfect thread...

<p>Ok, feel free to post on anything you want but make sure you have perfect punctuation, no typos/spelling errors, and don't use thing like (u, itz, uraqt, lol). I will start.</p>

<p>I predict that the Golden State Warriors will make the NBA playoffs as the 8th seed in 2006.</p>

<p>The only reason why I am not President of the United States of America is that I am not yet 35 years of age.</p>

<p>Oh my god What the **** Barbecue.</p>

<p>Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution for the Playstation 2 is a very fun game.</p>

<p>The New York Yankees are the greatest sports team in history.</p>

<p>I concur that the Yankees are the greatest sports team of all time.</p>

<p>My A level results announcement has most likely been postponed by three days... and i am elated!!!!!! :D</p>

<p>The New York Yankees are overrated.</p>

<p>I am gasping at RaspberrySmoothie's comment. I do ask that you rescind that false acccusation.</p>

<p>Why are people happy when the announcement of results are delayed? No one rejoices when the SAT comes out late!</p>

<p>I would rejoice if the SAT came out late. To be quite frank I will probably fail, as my father informed me today.</p>

<p>I am happy because I get to live in my own dreamland for longer and not have the reality crashing down on me and depressing me.</p>

<p>Indy, the GSWs are cursed. :( I used to watch them and I was so happy when they had Gilbert, Boykins, and the rest! (Has Musselman been fired?)</p>

<p>Today I learned a lot about Parkinson's Disease.</p>

<p>The folks that dwell in the Corner of Curiosity find this thread to be quite humorous. In fact, they have been tickled to such an extent that they have risen from their silence and have asked me, Inquisitive, to convey to you their feelings which have been stated as such: "Haha, haha, haha, and hahaheeheehaha." The folks of the Corner of Curiosity thank you kindly for posting this silly post since they truly treasure the hillarity produced in their community.</p>

<p>Neha - your comment is interesting. Some people, especially if they are expecting the worst, prefer to "get it over and done with". They do not want to have to wait for the bad news. That said, I am sure your results will be fine! :)</p>

<p><<ok, feel="" free="" to="" post="" on="" anything="" you="" want="" but="" make="" sure="" have="" perfect="" punctuation,="" no="" typos="" spelling="" errors,="" and="" don't="" use="" thing="" like="" (u,="" itz,="" uraqt,="" lol).="">></ok,></p>

<p>I find it ironic that Indy787 made an error in the above statement when he or she said "use thing" instead of "use things."</p>

<p>Speaking of SAT, I'm taking it tomorrow and I'm worry free unlike most of you since I'm getting in the college I want to anyways. They just want us to take it for statistic reasons.<br>
Just felt like being bratty :p</p>

<p>I am taking my SAT in may. I am taking my ACT in april. I feel totally unprepared. I cannot believe the time has arrived for me to actually nose dive into this testing stew.</p>

<p>gianievve: hehe.... actually, i have mixed feelings, throughout junior college my grades hav been bad or mediocore with rare A. I want to know my results but at the same time want to live a happy life for few more days. :eek:</p>

<p>Anyway, thank you!!
hehe...this post is good for me since my post usually contains a lot of typos... <em>practice</em> :o</p>

<p>This is the sort of English up with which I will not put.</p>