Let's compare interview dates!

<p>I submitted Part I of my ED app (which is apparently all you need for an interview) on August 18, and still haven't heard anything about an interview. I am probably not going to get one, right? I'm just perplexed, because this seems to indicate that there are most likely no alumni interviewers anywhere near me, which is just baffling because I live like a 2-hr drive from Columbia, and my parents have so many friends who are alumni from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, etc, etc. Are there seriously no Columbia alums near me?</p>

<p>Though if it depends on Part 2, I submitted that Oct 30.</p>

<p>It definitely depends on part 1. I live in NYC. I got my interview date before I sent in my part 2. I had my interview this saturday.</p>

<p>Part 1 - Oct 16
Part 2 - Oct 26</p>

<p>Got the email for an interview Nov 5.</p>

<p>I finally got an interview!!! Though apparently I'm not worth the time for an email, he had his secretary email me lol. Finally, almost 3 months after submitting Part 1 of my app lol. Were there that many people submitting their apps before August 18 so that I could only be interviewed now?</p>

<p>Part 1 submitted September 21st, I got an email for an interview last night!!!</p>