...lets deflate some egos here...

Okay…to everybody who asks the question(s):

Is my 4.0 GPA good enough?
Do you think my 1500 SAT is too low?
Have I been in enough ECs to make colleges think I am an interesting person?
Do I even know what I’m talking about?

Hmm. These questions are repeated time and time again on these forums, and yet one might expect that a person with such “outstanding” attributes would have intelligence enough to decide for themselves. It would seem to me that people here do absolutely no research into the colleges they will be applying to, because if they did, their questions would easily be answered.
This situation leads me to believe that a 1500SAT and 4.0 GPA mean absolutely nothing except that the person has simply done the work that was thrown at them. Well. How about doing it, now that it actually means something to you? I implore you - stop asking stupid questions.

<p>Stop posting stupid posts</p>

<p>I like this post. I can see asking about a 1500, but when someone wants to retake a 1590 so they can get a perfect score, I wonder how intelligent they really are</p>

<p>I don't think people actually listen to each other when they have "What are my chances" posts. I mean, if someone told them "no you have no chance" they'll still apply, so why ask?</p>

<p>good point. Usually it's someone with a terrible gpa who has aspirations for the ivies, and they can't take it when people give them the brutal truth. That's another thing, I believe in being completely honest becuase too often people are wish-washy, saying you could get in, when really there's a minute chance (like .000000000000000000000000000000000000001%)</p>

<p>This post helps no one and does nothing but clutter the board. I understand what you mean, in a way, but live and let live dudes.</p>

<p>Very good point zantedeschia. I am really surprised at how many kids don't seem to have read the school threads and seem surprised when they post below average stats and get bad news.</p>

<p>Well some people are trying to formulate a college list based on safeties/matches/reaches. If someone is unfamiliar with a school, and someone can give some feedback, then I think it is OK to post on the chances board. I never have posted on the chances board, because I have researched my ED school more than anyone, so I know more anyways.</p>

<p>well usually people don't even know the website of the school, CC is a resource, but IMO it should be used to supplement what can already be easily found</p>

<p>Love your post Anarchy!! Your right... you'd think that anyone with such high stats would no doubt have the intelligence to go on line and check out all of the websites available that reveal just what the people here will tell them in a much more factual way. PR, CB, Student Review, etc. in addition to individual college websites all document the similar information doled out here. (Let's not forget books too)!</p>

<p>It does kind of make one wonder what kind of RESEARCH SKILLS these people (don't)have!</p>

<p>This is why we need a Smack Talk forum</p>

<p>Are you serious celebrian?! Anyone with SATs over 400 should know how to find a college website! It should literally take 30 seconds to find any one of them!!</p>

<p>I love that vancat! We can smack talk all day long</p>

<p>But if someone doesn't even know about the schools on their potential list, it shouldn't be there! I don't see how they can choose their schools based on people's responses to their stats and their "Omg what are my chances?????" pleas.</p>

<p>Look at it this way - no high school kid is going to be able to accurately tell you what your chances of getting in will be, an admitted college student will have little more reliability, and the ad-coms will not give you an outright answer - its all based on the applicant pool and who you are competing against. Unless you know the stats of every person applying, you can't make a very good judgement. People here seem to think that a "Yeah you have a good chance" means theyre getting in, while a "No you dont stand a chance" just means the person is flaming their thread/being mean/etc.</p>

<p>I think this just shows that kids need more common sense, and should stop thinking that just because they have a 1500 SAT they know everything, and how to apply this knowledge. Whining about not getting an answer to your "What are my chances thread" <i can="" give="" you="" links="" to="" at="" least="" 10="" of="" these="" that="" i="" have="" read="" tonight=""> is not mature, and any answer will be considered based on if it corresponds to what you want. Say you want to go to Harvard, post your stats, 5 people say youre in, 5 say you dont have a chance. As zanteddeschia said, you'll still go ahead and apply, because you think they people who said you are an easy admit were right, and the others wrong.</i></p><i can="" give="" you="" links="" to="" at="" least="" 10="" of="" these="" that="" i="" have="" read="" tonight="">

<p>Use the forums to compare yourself to others, not ask their BS opinions.</p>