Let's Discuss UNF!!!

<p>We visited last weekend with our senior son and were very impressed! Beautiful campus, sharp students, flagship programs. A little confused by one piece of data - on the folder we were given at the tour it lists the number of entering freshmen at around 795 (don't have it in front of me). This seems quite low for a school of 16k+ ?? is that correct? How many transfers does UNF admit each year?</p>

<p>Thank you for your question! Last year we had about 800 freshman begin in the Fall term. However, we had an additional 800 begin in the Summer term (prior to Fall) and 150 begin in the Spring term (following Fall). We usually strive for a total of around 2,000 in coming freshmen each year. </p>

<p>With that said, a large number of our students are transfers. This stems from UNF's beginnings as an Upper-level 2-year transfer school and because of the State of Florida's A.A. transfer policies that encourage students to start at a 2-year college and then transfer to a 4-year University. Over the years, UNF has become a popular destination for incoming Freshmen so the difference in the number of first-year students and transfer students continues to shrink.</p>

<p>Thanks for that information - it makes sense. I would speculate that high demand for our relatively affordable FL public universities, combined with UNF's on-campus requirement for Freshmen, is shifting the enrollment statistics. We liked the fact that Freshmen are required to live on campus - better academic success - not to mention really, really fun! What about Financial Aid - what is the first step for an admitted student? And is the housing application for Fall 2014 available?</p>

<p>In regards to financial aid, there isn't much a student can do right now. There is an online scholarship application available through myWings that students can submit to be considered for both Merit-based scholarships (based off of GPA & test scores) and Need-based scholarships (based off of financial need). In addition to that, students can begin submitting their Bright Futures application on December 1st via OSFA</a> Home. Finally, you will want to make sure you file a FAFSA some time after January 1st and before March 1st for the best chance at Federal, State, and Institutional Grants.</p>

<p>As for the Fall Housing contract, we have been told that it should be available in the upcoming weeks. We suggest that you check back periodically on the Housing website. We will also announce when it goes live on our social media channels (Facebook: UNFAdmissions, Twitter: @unfadmissions).</p>

<p>I have a housing question. I was accepted to begin summer 2014 term and am deciding between two great schools at the moment. If I send in my housing deposit and attend UNF in the summer, will I then need to resend my deposit for fall and get in the back of the line again or do I have a choice to stay where I stayed during the summer term?</p>

<p>We are so excited to hear that we've made it on your short list! We only require one deposit for housing, so you will only pay the deposit for the Summer. With that said, you can submit both contracts at the same time (and encouraged to do so). Now, in regards to keeping your same room from Summer to Fall, that will depend on one main thing...which residence hall(s) housing utilizes this Summer. </p>

<p>The last few years, all Summer students live in our Osprey Fountains residence halls. Unfortunately, Freshmen are not allowed to live in this building during the Fall & Spring. So, if they do that again this coming year, you will probably have a new room in a new building in the Fall. However, we have heard that for Summer 2014, Housing may be putting everyone in the Freshmen residence halls so that they can do maintenance on the Osprey Fountains. If this is the case, then Housing should do everything possible to keep you in the same room. </p>

<p>Our suggestion is that you contact our Housing Office, (904)620-HOME, to find out more details. Hope this helps!</p>

<p>I start the T/L flagship program in the Summer. I'm pretty excited.</p>

<p>Awesome! Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions!</p>

<p>Greetings. My son, a sophomore, finished a College baseball showcase last weekend in Delray Beach in which a UNF baseball coach attended. Unfortunately, there was no q & a afterwards to find out more about UNF. Is financial aid for athletic scholarships run through the athletic department or admissions or a combination? Thanks.</p>

<p>Bill Brewster</p>

<p>Mr. Brewster, Thank you for your question. Sorry for the delayed response, we were short staffed last week due to Thanksgiving. </p>

<p>For athletes, athletic-based scholarships are awarded through the athletic department and follow all NCAA Division I rules and regulations. Academic and Need-based scholarships are awarded through the Office of Admissions. Please let us know if you have any further questions.</p>

<p>How will students first receive notification if they are accepted? Online, email, or snail mail? </p>

<p>Also, how long does it normally take for a decision to be made? My daughter applied in early October and we have yet to receive notification....</p>

<p>Site was updated around 12 and then received email notification that status was changed around 6 at night. Process took about 4 weeks.</p>

<p>My app took 3 days to see online and another week to get the official snail mail letter. Just depends</p>

<p>I will tell you that unfadmissions monitors this site and is very prompt and helpful answering questions. This is something I really love about this university.</p>

<p>We send all admission letters via snail mail. They get sent the day after the decision is made. Students can log into myWings (our online student/applicant portal) and can see their app status live. So there is a chance they can see their decision within minutes of when it is made. </p>

<p>Typically decisions are made/mailed within 3-4 weeks of our office receiving all required material. That timeline can be shorter depending on how busy we are. </p>

<p>In addition, we offer "Application Status Checks" via Twitter. A student can tweet their full name to us (@unfadmissions) and we will reply with a status check. Often, if a student has a completed application packet, but hasn't been review, we can get the director to look at their file right then and make a decision. </p>

<p>Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any future questions.</p>

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<p>Don't settle for unf. Aim for uf, fsu, university of miami</p>

<p>All very good universities. Check out how selective UNF has become over the past couple of years. UNF is unique to the group just mentioned in that it is less than half the size of UF and FSU and thus offers a private school feel at public university pricing. School is also geared to undergraduates.</p>

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